Bist du ein Naturliebhaber? Bei dem Wort “Wildnis” wird dir ganz warm ums Herz? Bist du ungern draußen unterwegs, aber möchtest dennoch eins mit der Natur sein? Du bist ein Abenteurer mit Liebe zu extremen Aktivitäten? Deine Überlebensfähigkeiten möchtest du auf die Probe stellen? Liebst du die Wildnis und langweilst dich nicht vor endlos langen Wanderwegen?


Wenn du alle Fragen positiv beantwortet hast, dann ist WILD-TRAILS deine richtige Adresse. Buche JETZT und genieße die Zeit deines Lebens mit uns!


Wild-Trails.com ist die Marke für das extremste Reiseunternehmen in Israel, dem Nahen Osten und dem Kaukasus. Wir bieten Abenteuer-Touren, Rettungs- und Überlebens-Workshops an und führen die innovativsten Wildnis Touren durch. Zuzüglich dem Überlebens- und Rettungstraining, geben wir Kurse über wie man fachgerecht und sicher wandert, klettert und sich abseilt.


Wir verbinden Menschen mit sich selbst, der Umwelt und Natur indem wir herausfordernde Reisen darbieten. Durch unsere Reisen, tragen wir zur Selbstverwirklichung bei, um eine bessere und unterstützende Gesellschaft zu schaffen. Wir kurbeln die lokale Wirtschaft an und fördern nachhaltig den Umweltschutz in benachteiligten Arealen international und in Israel.




Wild-Trails Adventure student break Package

Adventure student break Package

The Dead Sea Adventure Package brings you the best the Judean desert has to offer in 4 unforgettable days of adventure and culture! Created by experts, the Dead Sea Adventure Package is the perfect combination for adventurers groups looking to take a few days off to explore the magnificent Judean desert. Every day of the four brings something new and different to the table, with a surprise waiting on every corner! Combining both culture and adventure, this package has something for everyone. From the sunrise seen at fortress Masada, the Bedouin nomadic tribes, accommodation at the first adventure hostel in the middle east, and a day of the best adventure in the middle east! Even if you’ve been to the desert before, this is your chance to enjoy a private & budget tour, guided by the top of the line guides. Being a private package, there are options for customization.

Wild-Trails Extreme Dune buggies and Salt caving

Extreme Dune buggies and Salt caving

If it gets your blood racing ….. It's worth doing! With Wild-Trails, not only do we lead real adventures, but we also create them intense enough for you to have an Adrenaline Rush at Will! The Adventure: This extreme motor adventure in the lowest point on Earth; the Dead Sea is a dream come true to all adrenaline junkies. With Wild- Trails, you will get to drive a Dune buggy in the beautiful landscape of the Dead Sea and to the salty mountain summit of Sodom. Not only that, you will also rappel into a dark underground canyon and crawl to the Dead Sea lookout.  This extreme adventure is designed specifically for all thrill seekers out there. With professional and experienced guides from “Wild-Trails”, you will descend to the cave through an 80 meters’ shaft, using professional abseiling equipment and techniques. From that point, you will crawl through the heart of the cave, discovering views and colors that can only be seen in this kind of unique nature. This will leave you with your heart racing, excited and thrilled for a long time, and that is guaranteed. Be sure that you will never forget the beautiful moments of crawling in the salty bowels of the Earth and the special experience of abseiling a giant chimney towards an underground salt canyon. This incredible excursion to the Salt Cave is the most unique and the most extreme of all caves, and what is even better is that you can enjoy its beauty, uncover its secrets and raise your adrenaline to the roof with no previous experience needed. This trip will leave you panting for more even if you have already explored many caves before. Are you ready for that Adrenaline Rush? WE SURE ARE !

Wild-Trails Trekking the Dead Sea Trail

Trekking the Dead Sea Trail

Every Thursday morning  Book now and get free night at Dead Sea Adventure hostel   Introduction: The Dead Sea Trail is one of the most diverse and beautiful trails in Israel. Stretching the length of the Judean desert and comes to an end at the shores of the Dead Sea. On the course of 3 days, the trail passes through historical sites, streams, canyons, cliffs, an oasis and the magnificent desert wilderness. The Judean Desert has long since been a home to a wide range of cultures, all of which are introduced to the traveler along the trail. The starting point is the small southern city of Arad, a home to more cultures for you to count! The Hebrew-Israelites, Hasidic Jews, immigrants from Ethiopia, Russia, Georgia, Iraq, all of them in the same small quiet town. Parts of the trail passes through the Bedouin territories. Herds of sheep, shacks in the middle nowhere and extreme hospitality… quite frankly, they are hard to miss.     The Trail will provide you the best experience to discover the Judean desert and the Dead Sea Area, it offers both a great cultural experience as well as wilderness backpacking at its best, at one of the unique deserts in the world.   All the camping logistics will be taken care of by the Wild-Trails team including food, water, and camping equipment along the trail, so you could travel light and not worry about heavy loads. The price includes: → A one-on-one briefing with a desert expert before departure → Logistics → Mineral water 6L per person per day → Firewood → Map rental → Luggage storage → Transportation for the camping gear (up to 50L volume) → Transportation back to the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel The price doesn’t include: → Accommodation for the night before and after → Gear rentals → Entrance fee to Masada → Camping fee at Masada → Anything that was not agreed upon against Wild-Trails Inc.