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Die Ukraine ist das zweitgrößte Land in Europa. An der Grenze zwischen dem Norden und den Süden des Kontinents gelegen, aber auch eine Brücke zwischen dem östlichen Mitteleuropa.

Die Größe der Ukraine ist ungefähr mit Texas zu vergleichen. Unter seinem ehemaligen Gesicht der UdSSR, verbirgt sich ein wunderschönes Land voller unzähligen Geschichten. Alte Klöster und Burgen, Überreste von Wikinger, die Hunnen, die Sowjetunion und vieles mehr werden durch unsere Touren durch die ukrainische Landschaft aufgedeckt. 

Aber die Schönheit des Landes passt nur zu den Abenteuern, die es in sich haben! 

Und das sind super wilde Abenteuer..

Jeep-Touren, Paragliding, Klettern und Skifahren - die Karpaten im Norden, Kayaking auf dem Dnieper oder einfach nur Trekking. Die Abenteuer in der Ukraine bieten für alle eine großartige Möglichkeit, ein spektakuläres Land zu entdecken.

Begleite uns und entdecke die Ukraine!

Adventure in the Green Pearl of Ukraine!

Adventure in the Green Pearl of Ukraine! One of the most coveted mountains among adventurers is the Carpathian. Forming a 1.500km long range in Central and Eastern Europe, and considered the Green Pearl of Ukraine for its natural beauty. With guide from Wild-Trails, you will climb three of its highest peaks while enjoying an amazing mix of Alpine meadows and woods, rough rivers and mountain lakes. As you hike, you will enjoy the mountains soft weather, curative minerals and feed your mind with a plethora of historical information about its monuments. Our adventure begins with minivan ride to Iwano-Frankivsk and a night diesel-tain to the village of Vorokhta. After dicovering local culture and cusoms we will take an old fasioned soviet truck ride to Polonyna Gadjyna, where our mountain expedition starts. The second day, we will climb to the range of the Chornohora Massive and hike the mounts Rebra and Brebeneskul to the beautiful lake where we spend the night in tents listening to the relaxing sound of water lakes. Then we continue our hike through Mount Gutyn Tomnatyk, Nesamovyte lake and Mount Hoverla. We conclude in an overnight stay at a wooden house of Carpathian Biosphere reserve. We resume our hike on the fourth day through the Kakaradza pass and beautiful peak of mount Petros. We will finish in a small mountain village and spend the night in a local house with home made dinner and breakfast. Next day we will take a ride with an off-road bus to Manyava village where we spend the last day rappelling on Manyavsky waterfall, enjoying lunch in mountain orthodox monastery and finally return to Lviv by a minivan. Our adventures are among the best in the world, with professional seasoned local and international guides who adhere strictly to safety measures while using state of art equipment’s, you can be sure that your safety is never compromised. We limit the number of tourists joining us so that we can give you our maximum attention. Rest assured you’re never lost among the crowd! Unlike commercial tourism, our adventures are personal, intimate, and locally flavored so your experiences and memories are one of a kind.   Sign with us today for an adventure that you will never forget. An adventure that takes you in a journey through Ukraine’s Wilderness where beauty has a new meaning!  

Stone seas adventure in Ukraine

Gorgany – is the biggest area of Outer Carpathians on a territory of Ukraine. Uniqueness of this region lies in huge fields of stones that covering all the slopes and tops of mountains. “Gorgany” – is a local name for conglomerations of stones and boulders, which in some places formed an original “rivers” and “seas”. We’ll discover this beautiful piece of mountains in hiking and move to the neighbourhood region – Transcarpathia. Locally named “Zakarpattya” – this area is most eclectic, mixing and transnational region in Ukraine. In authentic village of Kolochava we’ll get familiar with the history and culture of local people: Boykos, Hutsuls, Czechs and Jews.   After that, at an altitude of almost 1000 m above sea level we’ll visit the largest mountain’s lake in Ukrainian Carpathians – picturesque and legendary “Synevyr” and also the Rehabilitation center for brown bears in Synevyr National Nature Park. At the end of our trip we’ll spend a time on Mount Gymba, enjoying different kinds of extreme adventures: paragliding, ATV, downhill or motorbiking and finally return to Lviv by minivan. This tour is a perfect combination of hiking, relaxing, light excursions and extreme adventures in one week!