Free Desert tour

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Every Monday and Thursday at 5:30 PM

Who said you need to go far to enjoy nature? Sometimes, those hidden gems are just under our nose!

Let us take you to the Judean Desert and enjoy a free unique hike.

The Israeli Desert is a magnificent and friendly wilderness. But as friendly as it is we still want to make it even easier for everyone. Wild-Trails, the leading adventure company in Israel, offers a cool free desert tour twice a week for a classic outdoor experience. A few steps from the small desert town of Arad and you are inside a beautiful hike with the tall hills around you and the vista of the dead sea in front.


Twice a week we welcome you to join this free hiking tour, departing from the first adventure hostel in the Middle East and taking travelers into the landscape of a biblical nomads’ land. Enjoy the desert tradition with a bitter coffee, a sweet tea, and have a taste of a real Wild-Trail.

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We will meet at Dead Sea Adventure Hostel in Arad.
Leave for the hike directly into the wilderness.
after passing the canyon we will climb the hill to the lookout above the the Dead Sea.
Now its time to explore the desert town of Arad.
after great tour into the desert outdoor and city, we will finish the tour at the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel. 

→Free of charge desert hiking
→Getting closer to the wilderness
→Israel's best hostel view (departure point)
→Desert coffee and tea


  1. Arad (IL)