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Desert Pass - Canyoning and Caving Tours Package

Ab EUR 500

Ab EUR 460

There are two kinds of travelers: those who want to experience some, and those who want to experience everything.

This service is for the second type.
The Desert Pass packages is the best way enjoy a great combination of activities, with high quality service at great discount, so you can get the most out of your vacation.


This Package includes our two most exciting, best selling adventure tours: the Dead Sea Canyoning Tour: an exciting rappelling adventure in the cliffs of the Judean Desert, and our Salt Caving Tour: an exploration of the astounding yet alien underbelly of Mount Sodom. When you book these trips with the Desert Pass Package you save 20 EU! 


Dead Sea Canyoning: 65 EU

Salt Caving: 60 EU
Desert Pass: 125 EU 105 EU

Save: 20 EU


To enjoy this package you, follow 3 simple steps:
A. Click the "BOOK NOW" and add the number of participants. 
B. Chose the time of joining for each of the activities, making sure you have enough time between each tour.
C. Add your traveler's details and payment. 
Ones you've booked the Desert Pass Package you'll get your confirmation email. 


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