Our Values - Wild-Trails

Our Values


No Borders

Borders never stop us from working with anyone, and we never take sides on tours. We promote understanding, because we know that human connections are the only way to solve conflicts.

Fair Business

We are committed to fair business practices and fair wages. By booking with us you help support local communities, protect the earth, and discover human ability to improve the planet!


We don’t tolerate animal abuse, so we refuse to ride animals on our tours. The hostel we run, the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel, is a strictly vegetarian hostel. All life deserves respect!

Safety Without Compromise

Our word is our bond, and we want you to always feel safe and secure with us. That is why all of our tour guides undergo the most stringent safety training, and never cut corners.

Keep it Local

We only use local products, in order to support local economy and take less of a toll on the environment.

Affordable Prices

We don’t think adventures should be reserved for those with money. That is why we have created our free tours, and why we offer our other tours at reasonable prices.