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The Top Desert Trek in Israel

Join us for the Top Desert Trek in Israel  4-7 April

To say this wild trail is for everyone will be a lie. Located in the heart of an active military training zone, the trek from Mount Karkom to Mount Ramon is forbidden almost all year long, yet it well known as the top Israeli desert trek, with the finish line on the highest peak of the Israeli mountains, overlooking Makhtesh Ramon. We only get the permission to travel to this amazing part of the Negev highlands three times a year! Over the course of four days we’ll cross through the desolate wilderness of the Negev mountains.

Even after covering every inch of the area, we always get excited before going to this magnificent, wild place.

So, are you coming or what?!

The Adventure:

Our journey will begin on top of off-road vehicles, that will take us deep into the wilderness. Once we reach our start point, we’ll continue by foot, climbing Mount Karkom, Mount Haspas, Mount Arif and Mount Ido. Then we’ll cross the Ramon crater and climb to the top of the Negev’s highest peak, the peak of Mount Ramon.

This is a challenging trek that will leave you with your jaw dropped, due to the sights of its amazing vistas. The road we’ll walk is no doubt one of the most beautiful Israel has to offer, in an area posing a challenge for logistics and requires an in-depth knowledge of the terrain

This great journey will be guided by an experienced guide from ‘’Wild Trails’’. Even if you’ve done trekking before, or have been to this area specifically, this is your chance to enjoy sophisticated logistics that’ll help you make the most out of this experience. Not to mention the awesome companions and the professional guiding, making this expedition all the more enjoyable

Trail Description:
Day 1:

In the early morning, we’ll gather up at the shopping center of Mitzpe Ramon, from there we’ll get on the off-road vehicles that will take us to the slopes of Mt Karkom. After getting of the vehicles we’ll start walking up the trail leading to the heights of the mountain. While there, we just might wander a bit, enjoying the many ritual sites, the ancient rock paintings, and the far seeing views. After crossing the Karkom Mt, we’ll go down to a path going through a beautiful ridge. We’ll call off the day when in the camping ground near Be’er Karkom (the Karkom well)

Day 2:
begin by walking Karkom stream, bypassing Mt Michael and crossing Mt Haspas. From the mountain we’ll continue towards Ma’azar stream, which is the drainage path for the craters of Mt Arif.

Day 3:
For the third day, we’ll begin with a long climb towards Mt Arif’s peak, considered by many one of the most beautiful spots in the entire Negev desert. Two craters have developed on top of the mountain, close to one another, and this is the only spot in Israel where you can overlook two craters simultaneously. On top of Mt Arif, it sometimes seems as if for a glimpse we could see the entire Negev. From Mt Arif we’ll descend to the channel of Ktzi’ah stream, cross it, and proceed all the way to Oded stream through Arod stream and Oded wells. We’ll set up camp in the camping ground of Oded stream.

Day 4:
The fourth and the final day of our journey we’ll begin with a walk in the channel of Oded stream, going up to Mt Ido, which hides an interesting anthropological phenomenon. From Mt Ido, we’ll watch over the trail we’ve walked, and from there, proceed down to the western part of the Ramon crater, cross it by walking through leftovers of ancient volcanic eruptions, and climb a beautiful path to the northern cliff of the Ramon crater. The final effort we’ll devote for the ascending of Mt Ramon, from which we’ll overlook the Negev land we’ve crossed, and from there continue all the way to our pickup location. With a bit of luck and some good intentions, we just might make a brief stop at the Hamat warm spring on the way back. And so we’ll finish where we started, Mitzpe Ramon shopping center.


The price includes:

→ Guidance.

→ A 2-way satellite communication device for cased of emergency (will be held by the trip leader).

→ Off road transportation to the starting point and from the finish line.

→ Logistics, including water stashes along the trail, food, etc.

The price does not include:

→ Personal expenses.

→ Coverage for any damage to the equipment due to carelessness.

→ Anything not specified under the section “the price includes” or not agreed upon in advance.

Starting point: Mizpe Ramon Shopping center
Difficulty levels: Walking - moderate
Age groups: 16 and above. Participants under 18 must have signed permission from parents or legal guardian.

What to bring:

→ Good mood

→ Hiking boots - other footwear will not be allowed.

→ Comfortable backpack up to 60L volume

→ Lightweight sleeping bag that can withstand cold temperatures

→ Clothing: wide brim hat, long comfortable clothes for the day, thermal clothes, windproof coat

→ fire making supplies: matches, cotton balls, lighters, fire steel, etc

→ sharpened, durable knife

→ nylon sheet/tarp (2.5*2.5m/8.2*8.2ft)

→ A pot and utensils

→ 6 liters of water

→ Empty plastic water bottle (dispensable)

→ Flashlight

→ 10 meters/ 33ft of cordage

→ Water purification means (iodine tablets / UV light etc…)

→ Compass (optional)

→ Trail maps (optional)

→ Pen and notebook (optional)

→ Phone (optional – remains off during the journey)

The trip and times are subject to changes according to weather conditions, security conditions and decisions made by the trip leader in the field.


  1. Mitzpe Ramon