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Israel National Trail - Water drop service

From ILS 840

Finding water in the desert is great. Knowing the water will come to you is even better.

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The Israel national trail is a beautifully diverse trail, every day you can expect a different experience. Many would agree that the desert part of the trail is definitely the challenging half, even if you traveled deserts before. The lack of shade or water, exposure to the heat of day, cold of night, the wind and the elements and the isolation from civilization makes it all the more challenging for the backpackers.


But don’t worry!

What good is a trail without a challenge?

Our service:

Wild-Trails water drops were meant to help backpackers overcome one of the biggest obstacles in the desert - water sources.


Our partner logistics team will follow your progress through the desert part of the trail, between Arad to Eilat, and will leave you a heart-warming and thirst quenching

package of mineral water.


In the end of the day, the challenges of hiking in the desert make it all the more beautiful. We guarantee you will not soon forget your desert experience.


The price includes:

→ 10 spots of water drops in specified locations (will send after booking), 6 liters per person per spot.

→ Insurance (rest assured you will receive your dose of H2O)


Extra services (inquire before):

→ Guidance

→ Gear delivery between points

→ Satellite device

From ILS 840

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Recommended water drops locations (north to south)

→Be’er Efe camping ground

→Tamar Fort camping ground

→Small Crater/Yeruham Crater camping ground (optional)

→Oron factory (food drop)

→Mador canyon camping ground

→Hod Akev camping ground

→Geve Hava camping ground

→Gvanim camping ground

→Gev Holit camping ground

→Barak Canyon camping ground

→Zihor Junction camping ground

→Raham Atek canyon camping ground

→Shehoret canyon camping ground

→Mt. Yehoram camping ground

Important notes:

→ The service operates in both directions: north to south and south to north.


  1. Arad (IL)