Behind the Fence: Palestinian Bedouins - an Unfiltered Conflict Tour in the West Bank - Wild-Trails

Behind the Fence: Palestinian Bedouins - an Unfiltered Conflict Tour in the West Bank

Behind the Fence: Palestinian Bedouins

Get behind the fence, and make a real, personal connection with the Palestinian Bedouins!

With this tour we wanted to give you an insight into life in the villages of the Palestinian Bedouins on Mount Hebron, without making a statement. These are real people living in a real place, and we want you to really meet them, without the media’s spin. This is how we do our Unfiltered West Bank tours.   

The Bedouins on Mount Hebron live a little differently than those in other parts of the Middle East. They are no longer nomadic, nor do they live in the desert. Instead, they’ve adapted their customs to life on the mountain, with its cooler climate and greener flora, where they live in extreme proximity to Israeli Settlements, only separated by a fence. During this cultural experience we will sit in their tent, drink sweet tea, and have an open chat. We will have a tour of their village, and see how they live day to day.

We know our West Bank tours might be controversial, but we believe that borders do not exist between humans, and that cultural exchange is the only way to build bridges between people. That’s what makes traveling a tool to change the world and make it a better place. This means interacting with both sides, without casting judgment. We trust that once you experience our West Bank tours you can decide for yourself what is right and what is wrong, and learn that things are more complex than they seem.

We greatly recommend completing the experience by also booking Behind the Fence: Israeli Settlers, another Unfiltered West Bank tour looking into the lives of the settlers living on Mount Hebron. You can book the two tours on two separate days or you can go for the comprehensive Fence Facing Fence Tour, accompanied by Gilad Sade, an expert in travel to conflict zones around the world. In addition to visiting the Israeli settlers and Palestinian Bedouins, this tour also includes visits to other key sites on Mount Hebron.

Price includes:

→ Guidance

→ Tea & coffee

Price does not include:
→ Transportation

→ Additional expenses

→ Anything not agreed upon in advance with Wild-Trails



→ Real, unfiltered cultural experience.

→ Drink tea and chat with the Palestinian Bedouins.

→ Tour the village and learn about life there.

Up to 6 travelers, the cost of the tour is 450 NIS. Pay an additional 75 NIS  per person for extra participants, up to 14 travelers.

Click on the "Book Now!" button on the right, and then select the date for which you would like to book the tour. Scroll down to the arrow, and click your way through to fill in your information. You will be all signed up in no time!


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