Masada Sunrise

From EUR 35

There’s only one thing better than an ancient ruin filled with history: an ancient ruin filled with history on top of a cliff overlooking the dead sea and Jordan! Join us for a tour to the ancient world heritage site of Masada for some memorable moments.

The Tour:

Masada is one of the most famous ancient sites in Israel, and for a good reason. It is a UNESCO declared world heritage site. Not only is it filled with history, but the view from the site is truly something to behold. We provide a shuttle for this self guided tour in early morning, to catch the sunrise shedding light on the Dead Sea valley and the Edom mountains of Jordan. The shuttle arrives through the Roman Ramp, and then the participants can go up the trail (about 15 min) to the site and find a good spot to see the sunrise. Coffee and cookies will be supplied for some morning snack. You’ll have approximately 2 hours to scout the site and get a better idea about what Masada is all about.

At the end, the shuttle will depart back to the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel to arrive for breakfast time.   


From EUR 35

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Duration of activity: approx. 4 hours.

Starting point: Arad / Dead Sea Adventure Hostel / Hotels and hostels in Arad

Difficulty levels: Walking - Very easy

Age groups: All


The price includes:

--> A shuttle to Masada and back

--> Coffee and cookies supplies

The price does not include:

--> Personal expenses.

--> Personal equipment

--> Personal expenses coverage for any damage to the equipment due to carelessness or disobedience to the trip leader.

--> Anything that was not specified under the section “The price includes” or was not agreed in advance in writing against “Wild Trails”.

Tour Description:

The shuttle will leave the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel about an hour before sunrise. Driving to Masada takes about 30 minutes.

Upon arrival to the site, begins the 2h countdown for the shuttle departure back to the hostel

This is the time for the participants to scout the site, enjoy its views and take some pictures.

After everybody got back to the shuttle, it’ll depart back to the hostel