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Guided Trekking in Israel - Dead Sea Trail

The Dead Sea Trail is one of the most diverse and beautiful trails in Israel. Stretching the length of the Judean desert and comes to an end at the shores of the Dead Sea. On the course of 3 days the trail passes through historical sites, streams, canyons, cliffs, oasis and the magnificent desert wilderness.

The Judean Desert has long since been a home to a wide range of cultures, all of which are introduced to the traveller along the trail.

The starting point is at the small southern city of Arad, a home to more cultures for you to count!

The Hebrew-Israelites, hasidic jews, immigrants from Ethiopia, Russia, Georgia, Irak, all of them in the same small quite town.

Parts of the trail passes through the Bedouin territories. Herds of sheep, shacks in the middle nowhere and extreme hospitality… quite frankly, they are hard to miss.  

The Trail will provide you the best experience to discover the Judean desert and the Dead Sea Area, it offers both a great cultural experience as well as wilderness backpacking at its best, at one of the most unique deserts in the world.

All the camping logistics will be taken care of by the Wild-Trails team including food, water, campfires and dinners along the trail, so you could travel light and not worry about heavy loads.

The price includes:

→ Full meals along the trail, save for breakfast on the first day and dinner at the 3’rd
→ A poyke dinner
→ Logistics
→ Transportation for the camping gear (up to 50L volume)
→ Entrance fees to national parks
→ Full guidance along the trail (trekking guide of Wild-Trails)
→ Transportation back to the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel
→ A 2-Way satellite communication device (held by the group leader)

The price doesn’t include:
→ Accommodation for the night before
→ Gear rentals
→ Anything that was not agreed upon against Wild-Trails Inc.

Day 1 - Arad - Mount Kanaim

We’ll depart from the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel at 06:00 AM, and start moving forward towards Omer Lookout.
From there we’ll continue on the camel’s path, and end the day to the foot of Mt. Kana’im. Our logistics team will make sure all our gear is ready for us to make camp.
While camping at the spot we’ll enjoy the stargazing, some warm poyke near the bonfire.

Walking distance: 14.5 kilometers / 9 miles
Total ascending distance: 223 meters / 0.14 miles
Total descending distance: 441 meters / 0.27 miles

Day 2 - Mount Knaim - Masada

The second day we will start by walking the heights of the Judean desert towards Gorni lookout point.
From there we’ll descend to the Ze’elim canyon, one of the most impressive canyons of the Judean desert. While there we’ll be crossing Namer fountain, Anva fountain and Gie Bahak.
We’ll finish the day by climbing through one of the roman outposts on the way to Massada.
We’ll make camp on the slopes of Massada, and again, our loyal logistics team will make our stay all the more enjoyable.

Walking distance: 19 kilometers / 11.8 miles
Total length of descending: 1 kilometers / 0.62 miles
Total length of ascending: 555 meters / 0.345 miles

Day 3 - Masada - Dead Sea

For our final day we’ll begin by climbing towards Messada to get a good look on the sunrise sheding light over the Dead Sea valley and the Edom mountains of Jordan.
From Messada we’ll continue along the cliffs of the Judean desert, cross canyons, go down to one of the most beautiful oasis the desert has to offer, and conclude our journey bathing in the waters of the Dead Sea.

Walking distance: 21 kilometers / 13.049 miles
Total length of ascending: 540 meters / 0.335 miles
Total length of descending: 909 meters / 0.565 miles



→ 3 days of crossing the Judean desert!
→ A jump to an oasis…
→ Fountains and natural water sources
→ Camping
→ Masada at sunrise time
→ Stargazing
→ Poyke
→ Full logistics including transit for the camping gear (up to 50L backpack), allowing the hiker to travel light.
→ A meeting with bedouin families

Starting Point: Dead Sea Adventure Hostel, Arad

Finnish line: Ein Bokek beach

Difficulty level: Moderate

Gear list:

→ Backpack maximum 50 liters for camping equipment
→ Comfortable day pack around 30L volume for the day hikes
→ Sleeping bag comfort to -5 celsius.
→ Light camping mattress.
→ Hiking shoes.
→ Headlamp.
→ Warm clothes.
→ Rain protection.
→ Sunblock.
→ Sunglasses.
→ Hat.
→ T-shirt.
→ Camping plate and mug.
→ Spoon and knife.


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