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Adventure in Romania

We assume, that you might have heard of Transylvania as being the mysterious birth land of Dracula. Some of you might think, that it only exists in legends. In fact, Transylvania, being placed in the heart of Romania, is a real place. Surprised yet?

Surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, Transylvania is the still undiscovered region of incredible landscapes.The never-ending forests, astonishing river-valleys and soaring mountains with a rustic charm provide the very best ingredients for a real adventure holiday.

No matter what you have heard before, we will show you the real face of this astonishing region!

Get ready and enjoy rafting or cycling  trails with us, track the best mountain areas or take a trip crossing the breathtaking Transfagaraseanul road.

Our wild-adventure trails in Transylvania are shown down below! Don’t forget to book!

Highest of the Carpathians-4 Days hike in Fagarasi Mountains!

“Life is like a mountain, the climb is hard but when you reach the top the view is amazing”.  Unknown … Looking for a breathtaking experience to reconnect with high mountains? We have the absolute best choice for you!Join us for a 4 day hike and discover the magical world above 2000 m in the Fagarasi Mountains. We will climb two of the three highest mountain peaks Moldoveanu and Vistea Mare and get up close with the experience of hard-core mountainering. Sign up with us because getting up close with mountains will make you discover your own so many different ways...don't believe us? Try it for yourself! The Adventure During this active 4 days, we assure you that, the “Romanian Alps” will leave you speechless, as this range of mountains is one of the most spectacular in the whole world... We gonna hike the highest Peak, Moldoveanu ,will see stunning waterfalls and lakes and discover the rare flora and fauna above 2000 m. Another tipping point of the trail is the “Balea Lake” and “Capra Lake” two stunning glacier lakes above 2034 m. Cause, the people give an important favour to the experience we will get you up-close with locals and make you try some delicious cheese and dishes right from remote mountain villages...Sounds good? This is not all..because... On the way we are going to introduce you to Romania’s most beautiful Salt Mine Salina Turda and visit the medieval citadel of Romania’s first capital city Alba Iulia.