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Alternative Desert Segway (weekly tour)

Discover Arad, the city of the desert, like never before. Glide through its streets and discover its stories with the Alternative Desert Segway Tour! Join us for this daily tour, running every day of the week!  Arad is located in an interesting spot: on one side it borders the northern plains of the Negev Desert, while on the other lie the great canyons of the Judean Desert. Aside from the gorgeous views of the Dead Sea and Jordan, Arad has her own story of pioneering, immigration, and cultural diversity beyond imagination. This tour will take you on a Segway ride through the streets of the city, giving you an intimate glimpse into its inhabitants and history. The tour departs from the Arad's Artist Quarter, where one of the coolest graffiti projects in Israel is located. We'll board the Segways there, and have a short training session to make sure everyone is ready for the ride. From there we will ride through the streets and learn about urban sights that even locals are not familiar with. We'll have a taste of ice cream made in the city, and enjoy the best street food. A true cultural and culinary adventure!

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Dead Sea Adventure Canyoning (Weekly)

Every Monday and Thursday at 8:00 AM Looking for a quick hit of adrenaline? Our Dead Sea Adventure Canyoning experience is the best rappelling experience in the Judean Desert, and it's great for beginners! Book with Wild-Trails for a spectacular experience. The Adventure: Wild-Trails Dead Sea Adventure Canyoning is a weekly tour that will lead you on a gorgeous rappelling experience at one of the most beautiful canyons in the Judean desert. Located to the north of the Dead Sea, above the ancient town of Qumran, this canyon is a magnificent crack that divides the limestone of the Judean Desert's cliffs.     This adventure tour provides a challenging desert experience without too much walking, but with a ton of adrenaline. This adventure doesn’t require previous experience. The tour is led by a professional Wild-Trails adventure guide, who will provide all the training necessary to have a great time, safely.  Click on the "Book Now!" button on the right, and then select the date for which you would like to book the tour. Scroll down to the arrow, and click your way through to fill in your information. You will be all signed up in no time! The price includes: --> Guidance by a professional Wild-Trails guide. --> Desert canyoning and rappelling equipment for the whole trip. --> Coffee, tea, and cookies throughout the hike. The price does not include: --> Personal expenses --> Water --> Transportation (available as an extra service) --> Entrance fee to Qumran National Park --> Coverage for any equipment damage incurred due to carelessness or lack of following instructions  --> Anything not agreed upon in advance with Wild-Trails   Transportation details:  Qumran National Park is reachable by public transporation or private car.

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Salt Caving in the Dead Sea (Daily Tour)

Departs every day at 9:30 AM. Also available as a private tour.  Our Salt Caving Tour in the Dead Sea is the tour everyone raves about! We’ve taken journalists, photographers, and TV crews on this adventure in the illusive Salt Caves of Mount Sodom, and we invite you to join us as well on this extraordinary excursion. The Adventure: This extreme salt caving tour is designed specifically for those of you who love outdoor challenges. On this tour, we crawl through the heart of the mountain with the directions of our experienced guides and discover magnificent views that are unique to the Salt Caves.    The most incredible thing about this one of a kind, adrenaline-raising excursion is that no previous caving experience needed. Our guides will lead you through the process, to guarantee an adventure you will cherish forever.   Click on the "Book Now!" button on the right, and then select the date for which you would like to book the tour. Scroll down to the arrow, and click your way through to fill in your information. You will be all signed up in no time!

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