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Adventure Tours in Arad

Adventure Tours in Arad

There are many things to do in Arad, and our tours in Arad are the best way to discover what they are. The city of the desert is a few skips and a hop away from the Dead Sea and Masada, and it sits right on the border of both the Judean Desert and the Negev. With our range of tours in Arad you will discover the excitement and culture this underrated gem has to offer.

Alternative Desert Segway (weekly tour)

Discover Arad, the city of the desert, like never before. Glide through its streets and discover its stories with the Alternative Desert Segway Tour! Every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Arad is located in an interesting spot: on one side it borders the northern plains of the Negev Desert, while on the other lie the great canyons of the Judean Desert. Aside from the gorgeous views of the Dead Sea and Jordan, Arad has her own story of pioneering, immigration, and cultural diversity beyond imagination. This tour will take you on a Segway ride through the streets of the city, giving you an intimate glimpse into its inhabitants and history. The tour departs from the Arad's Artist Quarter, where one of the coolest graffiti projects in Israel is located. We'll board the Segways there, and have a short training session to make sure everyone is ready for the ride. From there we will ride through the streets and learn about urban sights that even locals are not familiar with. We'll have a taste of ice cream made in the city, and enjoy the best street food. A true cultural and culinary adventure!

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