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Adventure Tours in the Negev


Adventure tours in the Negev Desert are an unique experience. This amazing israeli desert surprises with the many types of beauty that can be admired, but the height of the mountains and intensity of the hikes is not for those who have a weak heart. Tours organized by Wild-Trails in the Negev Desert include multi-day hikes, jeep tours and cultural experiences. Book your favorite adventure in the Negev Desert!


Life in the Desert - Culture Jeep Tour

Dive into the story of the nomads with our unfiltered culture jeep tour in the Judean Desert and Negev. Clean your mind on the spectacular jeep ride along the Judean desert, witness unique natural phenomena, and let us guide you to the sights hidden from the eyes of the average tourist. This unique tour crosses cultural borders, as it departs from the desert city of Arad, and includes a visit to an archeological desert water cistern, an exhilarating ride along the magnificent landscape of flingston cliffs, and a visit with a Bedouin community. During the visit we learn about their life and drink their sweet tea. After enjoying their hospitality, we return to Arad.  This tour will be guided and operated by a professional Wild-Trails jeep driver. We guarantee that you will never forget this exquisite blend of culture and adventure experiences. 

Negev Highland Trail - Guided 3-Day Hike in Israel

Introduction: The Negev Highland Trail was created with the idea of making hiking in Israel possible for everyone who seeks to explore what the Israeli desert has to offer. The purpose of this guided hike is to connect travelers with the diverse local communities that call the Negev their home. This three day Negev hike starts in Midreshet Ben Gurion and ends in Arikha, passing unrecognized Bedouin villages, Kibbutzim, settlements, and more. This is one of the best hikes in Israel because it includes everything worth seeing: from archeological sites to beautiful oasis, high cliffs to deep valleys, and an illuminating cultural adventure that can rarely be experienced. Each night of this tour, we will be hosted by a different community, experiencing their lifestyle, hospitality, and cuisine. The aim of this 3-day desert hike is to break barriers and support those amazing people who live in the Negev. This trail doesn't require carrying any heavy outdoor gears. All logistics, accommodations, guiding, food, and water are supplied by Wild-Trails. We'll take care of your needs so you can travel light and really enjoy this adventure in the Negev! If hiking the Negev Highland trail gets you excited, but you can't commit to a multi-day hike, you'll be happy to know that we have day-hike options! There are 6 possible routes, so contact us to choose the one that's best for you. The price includes: → Guidance throughout the hike.  → Accommodations for two nights.  → Logistics. → 6L of mineral water per person per day.  → Firewood. → Vegetarian food for the duration of the trip (Breakfast on day 1 and dinner on day 3 are not included). → Luggage storage. The price does not include: → Accommodations for the nights before and after. → Additional gear rental. → Entrance fees to Avdat. → Anything not agreed upon in advance.

The Top Desert Trek in Israel

Join us for the Top Desert Trek in Israel  4-7 April To say this wild trail is for everyone will be a lie. Located in the heart of an active military training zone, the trek from Mount Karkom to Mount Ramon is forbidden almost all year long, yet it well known as the top Israeli desert trek, with the finish line on the highest peak of the Israeli mountains, overlooking Makhtesh Ramon. We only get the permission to travel to this amazing part of the Negev highlands three times a year! Over the course of four days we’ll cross through the desolate wilderness of the Negev mountains. Even after covering every inch of the area, we always get excited before going to this magnificent, wild place. So, are you coming or what?! The Adventure: Our journey will begin on top of off-road vehicles, that will take us deep into the wilderness. Once we reach our start point, we’ll continue by foot, climbing Mount Karkom, Mount Haspas, Mount Arif and Mount Ido. Then we’ll cross the Ramon crater and climb to the top of the Negev’s highest peak, the peak of Mount Ramon. This is a challenging trek that will leave you with your jaw dropped, due to the sights of its amazing vistas. The road we’ll walk is no doubt one of the most beautiful Israel has to offer, in an area posing a challenge for logistics and requires an in-depth knowledge of the terrain This great journey will be guided by an experienced guide from ‘’Wild Trails’’. Even if you’ve done trekking before, or have been to this area specifically, this is your chance to enjoy sophisticated logistics that’ll help you make the most out of this experience. Not to mention the awesome companions and the professional guiding, making this expedition all the more enjoyable

Water In the Desert

Finding water in the desert is great. Knowing the water will come to you is even better! The Israeli desert is a magnificent place. Especially around the Ramon Crater. Endless wilderness, mountainsת and a staggering amount of hiking trails... But as amazing as the desert is, it’s by no means an easy place to travel... The lack of shade or water, exposure to the heat of day, cold of night, the wind and the elements and the isolation from civilization makes it all the more challenging for travelers & backpackers.   But don’t worry! What good is a trail without a good challenge? Our service: Wild-Trails water drops were meant to help backpackers overcome one of the biggest obstacles in the desert - water sources.   Our logistics team will follow your progress through the desert, and according to your travel plan and progress will leave for you a heart-warming and thirst quenching package of mineral water.   In the end of the day, the challenges of hiking in the desert make it all the more beautiful. We guarantee you will not soon forget your desert experience.   So let us make it easier for you!