The Caucasus, a magnificent ridge of mountains, is a home to many an ancient cultures and tribes, rich with history and marvel.

The Caucasus stretches along 4 countries and 3 autonomies, and has long been an area of political disputes.
The beauty of the caucasus nature and wilderness is second to none. Wild, untamed and unforgiving, from the great plains to the highest mountains of Europe, the caucasus nature will amaze you at every turn.

After years of traveling the caucasus, and covering every inch of it, be it by traveling or venturing on rescue missions, we’ve decided here at Wild-Trails to take people into the remote, still virgin areas of this amazing ridge where only a handful of travelers have been. We believe that in order to discover the area, you have to travel with those who know it best.

Over the years we’ve formed a strong bond with the locals all over the caucasus, who are now close friends and co-workers.

So if it’s a cultural, nature or adventure tour you’re after, we’ve got your back friend!

Join us, and explore the wild caucasus.
See you on the Wild-Trails.

Exactly like NATIVES - Traveling to Nagorno- Karabakh

Dare to travel where few go? This unique ethnic adventure with Wild-Trails will take you to the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh and will show you the hidden beauty of the Lesser Caucasus. Sign with us and have loads of fun like never before! How does an adventure with Wild-Trails look like? Exactly like NATIVES This adventure is AUTHENTIC, ETHNIC, and LOCALLY FLAVORED. So forget about being a tourist, roll up your sleeves cuz we’re getting your hands dirty.   As we drive soviet 4×4 cars and hike the 3rd highest mountain in Nagorno-Karabakh, we will come in close contact with locals. We will  lodge in their stone & wooden houses that are more than a 100 years old  and listen to their stories under the Soviet Union & during the Karabakh war. We will learn about the Loutraki farm style, tend for animals with the farmers, and cook with the natives. We will taste the best food this region has to offer straight from the ovens of the old women and from the local bazaars and markets. We will traverse thick forests where many guerilla combats took place, drive through the rugged roads opened by military tanks, pass military zones and reach villages, old heritage sites, old churches and monasteries with special permits. We will set up camp, swim, cook, dance and laugh like there is no tomorrow. So are you in! So how much you think you know about Nagorno-Karabakh? Well, have no worries because our Q & A section tells it all. Q & A Where is Nagorno-Karabakh? With an eye on Russia and Azerbaijan in the North, deep roots with Armenia in the West, and a strategic alliance with neighboring Iran from the South, Nagorno-Karabakh remains to this day a frozen conflict zone. What about the population? This landlocked region of 140.000 people mostly Christian and a minority of Kurds is defiant and uncompromising with its independence and unique character.   How about the landscape? As its name suggests, which is a mixture of Russian, Turkish and Persian words literally translated to mean “Mountainous Black Garden”, the landscape is wild, pristine, and versatile, characterized by evergreen forests, Alpine peaks, flat valleys, and the most amazing canyons and rivers. Recognized by few, the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is home to some of the least travelled places yet the most amazing on Earth. What is the currency in Nagorno-Karabakh? The Armenian Dram What is the time zone? Armenia Time Zone UTC+04:00 What will we eat? As for the food, we assure you that you will have the most savoring experiences in your life. Like Armenian food, the food in Nagorno-Karabakh contains lots of vegetables, cheese, and meat. There are also specialty dishes that you cannot find anywhere else in the world like the Shingalovhach.  This dish is made from dough stuffed fully with 15 different types of wild herbs that grow only in mountains with an altitude of more than 2000m. There is also the Rapama; a local pumpkin stuffed with bulgur, fruits and lots of wild honey. Another amazing dish is made from the Avaluk; a vegetable that grows in Alpine areas and is eaten together with Yoghurt and the local bread Lavash. How is the weather like in Nagorno-Karabakh? A mixture of hot and cold weather with possible rain. We will travel different altitudes so layer up.   Where will we stay? This trip mixes the best accommodation experience with amazing camping on wild locations as well as sleeping in local houses with families. 20% camping 20% hostels 60% local houses Who will guide this adventure? This adventure is led by our expert Survival and Tour Guide in the Caucasus countries Gilad Sade. Mr. Sade built this amazing trail  after many journeys and an in depth research in the Caucasus region. He successfully established relations with the natives and local officials and secured permits to visit locations that are not open for the public. Mr. Sade commands Hebrew and English in addition to knowledge in the Caucasus languages including Armenian. He also has several certificates in Survival Training and First Aid and has participated in several rescue mission in the Caucasus and the Middle East. What is the language of the adventure? The language of this adventure is English. Join us now and climb one more mountain in the much contested beauty of the Caucasus; Nagorno – Karabakh!