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Chill Things to Do in Israel

We're normally all about adventure tours here at Wild-Trails, but we know that sometimes you want to kick back and relax with more subdued activities. This is our selection of more relaxed activities in Israel, including the Dead Sea and the Judean Desert.  

A Day with the Shepherds: Palestinian Bedouins

Unfiltered Culture Tour: A Day with Palestinian Bedouin Shepherds Savor a real experience, by spending a day with the Palestinian Bedouin shepherds. Every day the shepherds take their herds of sheep and goats to pasture in the peaks of Mount Hebron. The rocky landscape and clean air are a perk of their workday, as is the magnificent view of the desert from the top of the mountain. However, there is a lot more to their life than the nature that surrounds them. Join this unfiltered cultural experience to have a glimpse into the lives of the Palestinian Bedouins, take in the magnificent place where they live and work, and enjoy a cup of sweet Bedouin tea out in the field as you chat with them about their life. Click on the "Book Now!" button on the right, and then select the date for which you would like to book the tour. Scroll down to the arrow, and click your way through to fill in your information. You will be all signed up in no time!

Adventure in Israel - Desert Cave Fire

Experience the practice that kept early man alive. The cave fire! “The fire is the main comfort of the camp, whether in summer or winter, and is about as ample at one season as at another. It is as well for cheerfulness as for warmth and dryness.”  -  Henry David Thoreau Take a few steps away from society, away from the noise and artificial lights.  A 15-minute hike from the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel, this adventure will take you back in time and you will feel what early desert settlers experienced on a daily basis. This will be a traditional bonfire in a cave in the middle of the historic Judean desert.

Stargazing in the Dead Sea Hot Springs

Desert nights are too cold, but you don't want to stay in bed? Join us for a nighttime dip in the wild Dead Sea hot springs! Among the many wonders the Dead Sea holds, the Dead Sea hot springs might be the best! These fountains of hot water are right on the shore of the Dead Sea, so we get to enjoy two amazing natural treasures in the same location! What can we say, living between 2 tectonic plates has its perks!  Join us, and enjoy a cold beer under the night skies. Combine it with some stargazing, and a more stylish experience does not exist! We take care of all of the logistics, including pick up from the hotels in Arad, Ein Gedi, Ein Bokek, and Jerusalem.  Join Wild-Trails and chill out!

Unfiltered Bedouin Experience

Brace yourself, because this is one heck of a cultural adventure! This is your chance to get close and personal with the nomads of the desert.  This is not a human safari, this is the real deal!   With this hospitality experience you will go deep into Bedouin territory; the desert that this ancient nomad culture calls home. The Bedouins have lived in the Middle East before it was called “Middle East” and they’ve preserved their traditional lifestyle over the centuries. Because the Bedouins are a fairly isolated community, the road to making this tour was a long one. After years of hard work and a lot of communication, we received the blessing of the Bedouin tribes, and started the best eco-tourism project in the Middle East.    Please note that the minimum group size for this experience is 6 people.