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If adventure is your thing, these are the best daily tours in Israel and Jordan! We offer a different experience every day of the week, from hiking and rappelling even to Segway tours.

Daily Tours in Israel for a Real Adventure

At Wild-Trails, we run daily tours in Israel that go beyond the standards, giving our participants a memorable adventure. Once you sign up your exciting daily tour is guaranteed! You won't just experience a fun excursion on our daily tours in Israel, but you'll also meet other participants, including both locals and travelers from all over the world. These daily tours are a great choice for anyone traveling solo.

If adventure is your thing, these are the best daily tours in Israel and Jordan! We offer a different experience every day of the week, from hiking and rappelling to Segway tours. We have something to offer that will please just about anyone!

"It is not down in any map; true places never are." - Herman Melville 

Adventure Tour in Jordan - Petra & Wadi Rum Tour

Join us in an adventure that'll takes you through time and space! Our Jordan adventure tour in Petra & Wadi Rum is a 3-day excursion not to be missed.  This adventure takes us to Petra, a magnifiecent city established in 312 BC, and the historic capital of the Arab Nabataeans. Petra is famous for its rose rock-cut architecture and water conduit system. This unique city is a sight to behold and admire during both daytime and nighttime. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a symbol of the Kingdom of Jordan, and it stands as a testimonial to humankind's genius. Then we travel again in time and space to see the prehistorically inhabited Valley of the Moon or “Wadi Rum”, where Lawrence of Arabia lived and formed alliances with the local bedouin tribes during their revolt against the Ottoman Empire. Located in Southern Jordan, the sandstone and granite rock valley offers the most amazing views - Wadi Rum feel like a different planet. This is why so many Hollywood movies have been filmed there, including the sci-fi film “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” and the 2015 Ridley Scott blockbuster "The Martian."   Don't Wait! Join us now and trek the rediscovered “Bedouin Roads”, admire the “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” rock formation, and view the thousand of Thamudic rock inscriptions dotted about all over the Wadi Rum area.

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Alternative Desert Segway (weekly tour)

Discover Arad, the city of the desert, like never before. Glide through its streets and discover its stories with the Alternative Desert Segway Tour! Every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Arad is located in an interesting spot: on one side it borders the northern plains of the Negev Desert, while on the other lie the great canyons of the Judean Desert. Aside from the gorgeous views of the Dead Sea and Jordan, Arad has her own story of pioneering, immigration, and cultural diversity beyond imagination. This tour will take you on a Segway ride through the streets of the city, giving you an intimate glimpse into its inhabitants and history. The tour departs from the Arad's Artist Quarter, where one of the coolest graffiti projects in Israel is located. We'll board the Segways there, and have a short training session to make sure everyone is ready for the ride. From there we will ride through the streets and learn about urban sights that even locals are not familiar with. We'll have a taste of ice cream made in the city, and enjoy the best street food. A true cultural and culinary adventure!

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Dead Sea Adventure Canyoning (Weekly)

Every Monday and Thursday at 8:00 AM Looking for a quick hit of adrenaline? Our Dead Sea Adventure Canyoning experience is the best rappelling experience in the Judean Desert, and it's great for beginners! Book with Wild-Trails for a spectacular experience. The Adventure: Wild-Trails Dead Sea Adventure Canyoning is a weekly tour that will lead you on a gorgeous rappelling experience at one of the most beautiful canyons in the Judean desert. Located to the north of the Dead Sea, above the ancient town of Qumran, this canyon is a magnificent crack that divides the limestone of the Judean Desert's cliffs.     This adventure tour provides a challenging desert experience without too much walking, but with a ton of adrenaline. This adventure doesn’t require previous experience. The tour is led by a professional Wild-Trails adventure guide, who will provide all the training necessary to have a great time, safely.  Click on the "Book Now!" button on the right, and then select the date for which you would like to book the tour. Scroll down to the arrow, and click your way through to fill in your information. You will be all signed up in no time! The price includes: --> Guidance by a professional Wild-Trails guide. --> Desert canyoning and rappelling equipment for the whole trip. --> Coffee, tea, and cookies throughout the hike. The price does not include: --> Personal expenses --> Water --> Transportation (available as an extra service) --> Entrance fee to Qumran National Park --> Coverage for any equipment damage incurred due to carelessness or lack of following instructions  --> Anything not agreed upon in advance with Wild-Trails   Transportation details:  Qumran National Park is reachable by public transporation or private car.

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Jerusalem Caving Adventure

Every Thursday at 9:30am Join us for an exceptional Indiana Jones crawling experience in the 3-D maze of the 2nd biggest Israeli cave. Book with Wild-Trails for a spectacular experience. The Adventure: This expedition will set you up with a rush of adrenaline going above and below the Judean desert landscape and will teach you the incredible historical facts and story of Haritun Cave, which is a network of dwellings carved into the mountainside. The cave is a labyrinth of low passages and so it is easy to get lost, but have no fear… our professional leaders know every tunnel and hall. The team will walk above the Tekoa canyon passing the Byzantine laura monastery, which was abandoned by the monks a long time ago, reaching the tablet stones and entering the cave from the side of the cliff.  You will then be geared with caving equipment (helmets and head lights). At that point, our team will no longer be responsible for the flood of emotions that will invade your bodies and minds impacting your lives like no other experience. This historical and surprising adventure will carve memories to last you for a lifetime. Just like Indiana Jones, this exploration journey will make or break you. You will uncover your capacity to handle very tight and closed up spaces and maybe find your calling during your breathtaking traveling journey. The price includes: Guidance. A 2-way satellite communication device for any kind of emergency event that might happen (will be held by the trip leader). Desert canyoning and abseiling equipment for the whole trip. Coffee, tea and cakes throughout the hike.  The price does not include: Personal expenses. Transportation (Extra service) Personal equipment or any gear that is written in the gear requirements appendix (please let us know in advance and we will try to help you get all the necessary gear for the trip). Personal expenses coverage for any damage to the equipment due to carelessness or disobedience to the trip leaders. Anything that was not specified under the section “The price includes” or was not agreed in advance in writing against “Wild-Trails”.

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Masada at Sunrise - Self Guided Tour

An ancient ruin steeped in history is always fascinating, but here we offer something better: a chance to explore an ancient ruin steeped in history, at sunrise, on top of a cliff overlooking the Dead Sea and Jordan! Join us for a self-guided tour to the ancient world heritage site of Masada, at Sunrise.  The Tour: Masada is one of the most famous ancient sites in Israel, and for a good reason. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, with a rich and tumultuous history, and view that is truly something to behold. We provide a shuttle for this self guided tour in early morning, to catch the sunrise as it sheds orange-purple light over the Dead Sea Valley and the Edom mountains of Jordan. The shuttle arrives through the Roman Ramp, and then the participants can walk up the trail (about 15 min) to the site and find a good spot to enjoy the sunrise. Coffee and cookies will be supplied for a morning snack. You’ll have approximately 2 hours to scout the site and get a better understanding of Masada. At the end, the shuttle will depart back to the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel just in time for breakfast.     

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Masada FREE Tour

Every Sunday and Wednesday at 11:00 Our vision: Here at Wild-Trails, we believe that those who seek to join a world-class guided tour deserve to do so. That’s why we run the Masada FREE tour along with many affordable daily adventure & culture tours in Israel. But don’t let affordability fool you, you’re going to enjoy quality guides, unforgettable experiences, and safety without compromises. A good story is nothing without a great storyteller. Masada is one of the most important national parks in Israel, and for a good reason. Aside from the amazing vista of the Dead Sea and the Jordanian mountains, this fortress is home to a legendary historical tale found only in history. Zealotry Bravery Rebellion and the Roman Empire The story of Masada has earned the castle a UNESCO World Heritage Site status, so it is certainly more than just another national park. This is your chance to join a professional Wild-Trails guide for a private tour around the fortress, and hear its amazing story from a passionate, knowledgeable local. Even if you’ve visited Masada before, after this tour you will see it in a totally new light. This tour is a free service operated and guided by Wild-Trails, and is not affiliated or funded by the national park authority or any government body.  The tour does not include entrace/cable car fees to Masada.

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Salt Caving in the Dead Sea (Daily Tour)

Departs every day at 9:30 AM. Our Salt Caving Tour in the Dead Sea is the tour everyone raves about! We’ve taken journalists, photographers, and TV crews on this adventure in the illusive Salt Caves of Mount Sodom, and we invite you to join us as well on this extraordinary excursion. The Adventure: This extreme salt caving tour is designed specifically for those of you who love outdoor challenges. On this tour, we crawl through the heart of the mountain with the directions of our experienced guides and discover magnificent views that are unique to the Salt Caves.  The most incredible thing about this one of a kind, adrenaline-raising excursion is that no previous caving experience needed. Our guides will lead you through the process, to guarantee an adventure you will cherish forever. Can also be booked as a private tour. Click on the "Book Now!" button on the right, and then select the date for which you would like to book the tour. Scroll down to the arrow, and click your way through to fill in your information. You will be all signed up in no time!

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Trekking the Dead Sea Trail

Every Thursday morning  Book now and get a free night at Dead Sea Adventure Hostel Introduction: This three day trek of the Dead Sea Trail offers both great cultural experiences as well as wilderness backpacking at its best, in one of the most unique deserts in the world. On this tour we explore one of the most diverse and beautiful trails in Israel, and discover all the beauty the Judean Desert has to offer.  The trail stretches the length of the Judean desert and comes to an end at the shores of the Dead Sea. Over the course of three days, the trail passes through historical sites, streams, canyons, cliffs, natural water sources, and the magnificent desert wilderness. The Judean Desert has long since been a home to a wide range of cultures, all of which are introduced to the traveler along the trail. The trek begins in the small southern city of Arad, a home to many diverse communities. Hebrew-Israelites, Hasidic Jews, and immigrants from Ethiopia, Russia, Georgia, and Iraq all call Arad their home. Parts of the trail pass through the Bedouin territories. Between the herds of sheep and shacks in the middle nowhere we'll enjoy the best kind of hospitality, that only Bedouins can offer.  All the camping logistics will be taken care of by the Wild-Trails team, including food, water, and camping equipment along the trail, so you can travel light and worry-free. The price includes: → A one-on-one briefing with a desert expert before departure → Logistics → Mineral water: 6L per person per day → Firewood → Map rental → Luggage storage → Transportation for the camping gear (up to 50L volume) → Transportation back to the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel The price does not include: → Accommodation for the night before and after → Additional gear rental → Entrance fee to Masada → Camping fee at Masada → Anything that was not agreed upon against Wild-Trails Inc.

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