Extreme Dune buggies and Salt caving

If it gets your blood racing ….. It's worth doing! With Wild-Trails, not only do we lead real adventures, but we also create them intense enough for you to have an Adrenaline Rush at Will! The Adventure: This extreme motor adventure in the lowest point on Earth; the Dead Sea is a dream come true to all adrenaline junkies. With Wild- Trails, you will get to drive a Dune buggy in the beautiful landscape of the Dead Sea and to the salty mountain summit of Sodom. Not only that, you will also rappel into a dark underground canyon and crawl to the Dead Sea lookout.  This extreme adventure is designed specifically for all thrill seekers out there. With professional and experienced guides from “Wild-Trails”, you will descend to the cave through an 80 meters’ shaft, using professional abseiling equipment and techniques. From that point, you will crawl through the heart of the cave, discovering views and colors that can only be seen in this kind of unique nature. This will leave you with your heart racing, excited and thrilled for a long time, and that is guaranteed. Be sure that you will never forget the beautiful moments of crawling in the salty bowels of the Earth and the special experience of abseiling a giant chimney towards an underground salt canyon. This incredible excursion to the Salt Cave is the most unique and the most extreme of all caves, and what is even better is that you can enjoy its beauty, uncover its secrets and raise your adrenaline to the roof with no previous experience needed. This trip will leave you panting for more even if you have already explored many caves before. Are you ready for that Adrenaline Rush? WE SURE ARE !

Whether you choose to rappel the mysterious underworld of the salt caves, drive a dune buggy off-road in the Judean desert, ride a camel and spend time at a Bedouin village, swim in an Oasis, or simply enjoy sunrise in Masada overlooking the Dead Sea, with Wild-Trails your experience is one of a kind.

Our days of adventures are tailored to accommodate your needs while challenging your self-conceptions. After our tours, you will discover a side to yourself that you never knew existed. And what better than a wild adventure and a journey of self-discovery with professional guides who adhere strictly to safty measure while using state of art equipments.