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Dead Sea

At Wild-Trails we offer all kinds of experiences and tours in the Dead Sea. Choose from fun and quick tours like our Segway tours, or extreme adventures like our Salt Caving tour.


Wild-Trails offers the most exciting guided adventure tours in Masada, to make the story of the fortress come alive and stick in your mind for you years to come. Masada is one of the most important national parks in Israel, and for a good reason. Aside from the amazing vista of the Dead Sea and the Jordanian mountains, this fortress is home to a legendary historical tale found only in history.

Judean Desert

There are many adventures and tours in the Judean Desert, so don’t miss out on this unique landscape! You can choose from jeep tours, which are a great way to reach difficult to find spots, while canyoning and caving in the Judean Desert will give you a rush of adrenaline. We also offer hiking tours, so pick your adventure and have some fun.


Adventure tours in the Negev Desert are not an ordinary experience. This beautiful desert in Israel holds all kind of beauty that can be admired, but the height of the mountains and the intensity of the hikes are not for the faint of heart. Our adventure tours in the Negev include multi-day hikes, jeep tours, and cultural experiences.


Our adventure tours in Jordan make it easy for you to experience the most wildly beautiful and fascinating parts of that country. Our experienced guides will help you cross into Jordan from Israel, and keep you feeling safe and secure, so you can fully enjoy your adventure.


Discover the magnificent Eurasia, explore the mountains, the hospitality, the culture, the food and the alcohol with Wild-Trails expert Caucasus Guides!


Romania, with Transylvania at its very center, is an undiscovered region of incredible landscapes.The never-ending forests, astonishing river-valleys and soaring mountains with a rustic charm provide the very best ingredients for a real adventure holiday. Get ready and enjoy rafting or cycling trails with us, track the best mountain areas or take a trip crossing the breathtaking Transfagaraseanul road.


Jeeping, paragliding, climbing, and skiing - the Carpathians in the north, kayaking the Dnieper or just plain ol’ trekking, the adventures of Ukraine provide an amazing way for everyone to discover a spectacular country.