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Every Sunday and Wednesday at 11:00.  Our vision: Here at Wild-Trails, we believe that those who seek to join a world-class guided tour deserve to do so. That’s why we run the Masada FREE tour along with many affordable daily adventure & culture tours in Israel. But don’t let affordability fool you, you’re going to enjoy quality guides, unforgettable experiences, and safety without compromises. A good story is nothing without a great storyteller. Masada is one of the most important national parks in Israel, and for a good reason. Aside from the amazing vista of the Dead Sea and the Jordanian mountains, this fortress is home to a legendary historical tale found only in history. Zealotry Bravery Rebellion and the Roman Empire The story of Masada has earned the castle a UNESCO World Heritage Site status, so it is certainly more than just another national park. This is your chance to join a professional Wild-Trails guide for a private tour around the fortress, and hear its amazing story from a passionate, knowledgeable local. Even if you’ve visited Masada before, after this tour you will see it in a totally new light. This tour is a free service operated and guided by Wild-Trails, and is not affiliated or funded by the national park authority or any government body.  The tour does not include entrace/cable car fees to Masada.

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