info - Wild-Trails

Wild-Trails is an outdoor adventure, culture, conflict zones and dark tourism brand with an international network that operates in Israel, West-Bank, Jordan, Egypt, Armenia, Georgia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Ukraine. Our programs at Wild-Trails consist mainly of unique challenging outdoor adventures and wilderness survival school.

Wild-Trails aims to provide people with a real, unique outdoor experience while using an adaptive emotions scale for each person. Our guides come from a variety of backgrounds, but share a huge passion for the world of outdoors and nature at the same time. The fact that we have a heterogenic staff allows us to be a versatile outdoor brand and to suit the ideal leading style for each client.

Among our clients you will find an international and multi cultural group of outdoor enthusiasts, avid adventurers, backpackers and pioneering explorers.
We also provide professional rescue and survival courses for various organizations, mostly S.A.R teams and special military units.