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We offer all kinds of adventure tour packages in Israel, for the travelers who want it all: adventure, culture, and excitement, but on their terms and at great prices! Some of our packages are more traditional, but others are tailored to the spontaneous types. 

We've launched our Desert Pass: exclusive Israel tour packages that give every traveler the opportunity to explore the Israeli desert, with a high level of service but at a great discount, and at a schedule that is ideal for them. 

4 days desert epic tour

Spend four days discovering the lowest place on earth! Start your weekend early with some of the best attractions in Israel! This sweet package will take you to the famous Masada Sunrise, on a salt cave exploration, and a visit to the Dead Sea complete with hiking and rappelling!  For the last day you’ll enjoy one of the most beautiful Segway ride in Israel and the must-to-do Dead Sea floating. Weekends rarely get better than this! 

Student Break Adventure Package

The Dead Sea Adventure Package brings you the best the Judean desert has to offer in 4 unforgettable days of adventure and culture! Created by experts, the Dead Sea Adventure Package is the perfect combination for adventurers groups looking to take a few days off to explore the magnificent Judean desert. Every day of the tour brings something new and different to the table, with a surprise waiting on every corner! Combining both culture and adventure, this package has something for everyone. From the sunrise seen at fortress Masada, the Bedouin nomadic tribes, accommodation at the first adventure hostel in the middle east, and a day of the best adventure in the middle east! Even if you’ve been to the desert before, this is your chance to enjoy a private budget tour, guided by top of the line guides. Being a private package, there are options for customization.

The Ultimate Desert Break

This inclusive package will skyrocket your adrenaline to new heights as you’ll experience the Israeli desert like never before. This week combines all the best the desert has to offer and much more, all while cutting on the price and beefing the adventure! Visit the famous national parks, the hidden gems and the magnificent views the Judean Desert is famous for as we go canyoning, hiking and caving above and below ground in one unforgettable week. The Ultimate includes: Masada Sunrise Salt Caving Evening Hiking Desert Canyoning Segway & Floating Dead Sea Trail