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Take your seat and buckle up, we’re going to take you farther and faster than ever before... We’re going off-road!

The desert landscape begs to be travelled, and our jeep tours in Israel, Jordan, and the West Bank are the best way to do it! The Negev and Judean Deserts are infinite wilderness, filled with hills, valleys, canyons, and amazing viewpoints. To really discover these amazing places, one cannot stay on the beaten track…

Join one of our jeep tours in Israel and you can expect the kind of adventure only Wild-Trails can offer.

World-class guiding!
Extreme adrenaline!
Safety with no compromises!
An unforgettable experience!

All you have to do is choose your jeep tour in Israel, sit back, and enjoy the ride!

Wild-Trails Dead Sea Jeep Tour

Dead Sea Jeep Tour

Dead Sea Jeep Tour at the Lowest Point on Earth Get excited for this unique ride! A jeep ride is always an extreme adventure, and on this tour, we pair it with one of nature's most incredible creations. The Dead Sea is the lowest place on our planet, and it is also one of the most alien, hosting a number of spectacular natural phenomenons.   This is your chance to join a jeep tour that will take you to places you wouldn't have believe existed, and see nature at its best. From the mounds along the waters of the Dead Sea to the salt mountain of Sodom, we can guarantee you will not forget this motor adventure! The price listed is per jeep, which fits up to 8 travelers. You can book up to 2 jeeps online. If you would like to book more, please get in touch with us at:

FromEUR 285
Wild-Trails Life in the Desert - Culture Jeep Tour

Life in the Desert - Culture Jeep Tour

Dive into the story of the nomads with our unfiltered culture jeep tour in the Judean Desert and Negev. Clean your mind on the spectacular jeep ride along the Judean desert, witness unique natural phenomena, and let us guide you to the sights hidden from the eyes of the average tourist. This unique tour crosses the border between the Judean Desert and the Negev, and along with that it also crosses cultural borders. The jeep tour departs from the desert city of Arad, and includes a visit to an archeological desert water systern, an exhilirating ride along the magnificent landscap of flingston cliffs, and a visit with the Bedouin community that lives deep in the desert. After drinking delicious Bedouin coffee and enjoying their hospitality, we return to Arad.  This tour will be guided and operated by a professional Wild-Trails jeep driver. We guarantee that you will never forget this exquisite blend of culture and adventure experiences.