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Our outdoor and wilderness survival courses are among the best in Israel, providing quality workshops delivered by top guides and trainers.
Over the years we’ve honed our training programs, as we’ve been working and continue to work with military elite unites and S.A.R teams, developing and improving the techniques that will serve you in the outdoors.
The knowledge passed on in the courses has been acquired over many years of wilderness living, thousands of kilometers by foot, a plethora of rescue missions and dozens of courses around the globe.
Our rich field-work experience and the methods of practice has made our courses invaluable for those who venture into the wilderness.

The importance of survival training

The outdoors is a fascinating and a fun place to discover, be it rainforests, deserts or snowy mountains. However, it’s nonetheless dangerous at times. The wrong step might have severe consequences…
On our courses we practice methods to survive in the outdoor environment, staying safe albeit the risks (hey, no pain no gain, right?), and how to handle an emergency (survival) situation, from covering the basics (food, water, shelter etc…) all the way on how to deal with rescue teams.

So how it’s done?

Our courses are made to train and teach military personnel, rescue teams, tour/trail guides and anyone who wishes to venture into the outdoors equipped with invaluable, life-saving knowledge.
In order that each of the participants will achieve as much knowledge as possible during the courses we follow a number of steps:
A small amount of participants on each course
Repeatedly self practicing the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course
Developing a free database for everyone to share knowledge