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Wild-Trails offers the most exciting and fascinating Masada tours, to make the story of the fortress come alive and stick in your mind for you years to come. 

Masada is one of the most important national parks in Israel, and for a good reason. Aside from the amazing vista of the Dead Sea and the Jordanian mountains, this fortress is home to a legendary historical tale found only in history.

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Self-Guided Trekking the Dead Sea Trail

Every Thursday morning  Introduction: This three-day trek of the Dead Sea Trail offers both great cultural experiences as well as wilderness backpacking at its best, in one of the most unique deserts in the world. On this tour, you'll explore one of the most diverse and beautiful trails in Israel, and discover all the beauty the Judean Desert has to offer.  The trail stretches the length of the Judean desert and comes to an end at the shores of the Dead Sea. Over the course of three days, the trail passes through historical sites, streams, canyons, cliffs, natural water sources, and the magnificent desert wilderness. The Judean Desert has long since been a home to a wide range of cultures, all of which are introduced to the traveler along the trail. The trek begins in the small southern city of Arad, a home to many diverse communities. Hebrew-Israelites, Hasidic Jews, and immigrants from Ethiopia, Russia, Georgia, and Iraq all call Arad their home. Parts of the trail pass through the Bedouin territories. Between the herds of sheep and shacks in the middle nowhere we'll enjoy the best kind of hospitality, that only Bedouins can offer.  All the camping logistics will be taken care of by the Wild-Trails team, including food, water, and camping equipment along the trail, so you can travel light and worry-free. The price includes: → A one-on-one briefing with a desert expert before departure → Logistics → Water: 6L per person per day → Firewood → Map rental → Luggage storage → Transportation for the camping gear (up to 50L volume) The price does not include: → Accommodation for the night before and after → Additional gear rental → Entrance fee to Masada → Camping fee at Masada → Transportation back to the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel → Guidance along the trail → Anything that was not agreed upon against Wild-Trails Inc.

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West Masada Jeep Tour

Take a deep breath and head out for a long and spectacular ride along the Judean desert, witness the unique nature phenomenons and let us guide you to the spots hidden from the eyes of the couch riders. This unique tour crosses the Judean desert heights, going below the eastern platform, an area famous for its tall cliffs and the vista of the Dead Sea seen through desert canyons. We’ll finish our ride on the pathways among the pools on the south side of the Dead Sea. This tour will be guided and operated by a professional jeep driver by Wild-Trails. We guarantee you will not soon forget the views, adrenaline and overall experience you had with Wild-Trails.

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