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Fence Facing Fence

Od EUR 180

Join us for a magnificent, unfiltered excursion deep into the heart of the world's most infamous conflict. On this tour you'll visit unrecognized Israeli and Palestinian villages, speak with the inhabitants, and gain an understanding of the conflict without the media’s propaganda.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the most famous conflicts in the world today. It comes up on every media platform, in any political debate, and in any street conversation.


But those media platforms, politicians, or even the UN cannot give you what we can: a real, in depth look. 
no filters
no angles
- just people.

This is your chance to really meet and talk with the people behind the news in the most talked-about region in the world: the Hebron Mountain Range in the South West Bank. We’re going to pay a visit to a Palestinian Bedouin family AND Jewish settlers. Two different, separate worlds living door to door, fence to fence.

Even if you’ve experienced many cultures on your travels, this tour will take you into the heart of one of the most unique societies in the Middle East and will give an insight into the lives of the locals. You'll learn that there are more than two sides to this story.


A minimum of 8 participants is necessary to book this tour. 

Od EUR 180

Zarezerwuj teraz!


07.00- Pick up in Arad and transfer to Um Al Khir.
08.00- Welcome with refreshments at the local village. Guided tour of the village.
11.00 - Drive to Maon’s farm, visit the synagogue, walk along the forest and hike to the highest lookout spot at the area.
13.00- Swim in small underground water system.
14.00- Light lunch made with local produce.
15.00-  Drive back to the Dead Sea Adventure Dostel.

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Duration of activity: full day

Starting point: Dead Sea Adventure Hostel - Arad

Difficulty levels: Walking/Trekking - easy

Duration of the hike: 1.5 hours

Trail length: 2 km

Age groups: Minimum age 12, participants under 18 must have a permission form signed by a parent or legal guardian. 

Necessary experience: No experience needed.

What to bring: Comfortable shoes and hat / 3 liters of water / sunblock / snacks 

The trip and times are subject to changes according to weather conditions, security conditions, and decisions made by the trip leader in the field.


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