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Iftar Meal with the Bedouins

Join us for the Iftar meal, surrounded by the warmth of Palestinian Bedouin hospitality in the beautiful hills of Mt. Hebron.


During the Ramadan month, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset and break their fast with a meal called the Iftar. In the village we’ll visit everyone comes together, including the children and elderly, to pitch in and make sure the iftar is an incredible meal. Join us for this incredible activity! You will learn how the Palestinian Bedouins celebrate important occasions, taste their cuisine, and have a chance to learn about their life firsthand.


This is not your usual tourist meal - it’s a fully immersive cultural experience. The food will be made more delicious as you will eat it sitting on the floor with the family, eating with your hands, and learning about day to day life in the village.


Arrive at the village one hour before the Iftar, and get to know your hosts.

Enjoy a tour of the village from our hosts, learn about their daily life as well as about Ramadan practices. See how all members of the village get together to prepare for the Iftar.

When the time comes you will break the Ramadan fast with the family by eating dates, and then enjoy a delicious Bedouin dinner made with local ingredients.

Duration: approx 2.5 hours


Please let us know of allergies and dietary restrictions in advance.

Please refrain from bringing alcohol into the village out of respect for our hosts.

Since this is a religious holiday, please dress modestly when coming to the village 

Trip and times are subject to change according to weather, security conditions, and decisions made by the trip leader on the field.  

Główne atrakcje

The price includes:

Tour of the village.

Iftar meal made with local ingredients. The meal will include: vegetarian dishes made with seasonal vegetables, Bedouin bread, local dairy products, a meat or fish dish, and dessert. The food will be served communally.

Sweet Bedouin tea.


The price does not include:


Anything not agreed upon in advance.


Ages: appropriate for all ages.  


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