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Deep caving in Alma cave

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Are you ready to get down and dirty? Then come on and join us for our deep cave sighting and exploring experience below the Galilee Mountain. Book with WILD-TRAILS for spectacular experience.

The Adventure:

The Alma cave will take you deep down into the darkness of the earth. You will find yourself under the Galilee Mountains crawling, climbing, ramping, and descending through the convoluted and cracked passages of this rocky area, observing what nature has created for your eyes to behold: myriads of stalagmites and stalactites formed over the years have contributed to this magnificent setting of this cave.

We will start close to the cave by walking a short distance

During this experience you will be faced with the challenge of “tight fittings”. The cave openings are very steep, narrow and during this escapade, will you find that where it seems that there is no way out, there is another way in.

This exciting deep cave expedition will blow you mind as you find out what lies below the surface of our amazing center of the earth.

The price includes:

  • Guidance.
  • A 2-way satellite communication device for any kind of emergency event that might happen (will be held by the trip leader).
  • Desert canyoning and abseiling equipment for the whole trip.
  • Coffee, tea and cakes throughout the hike. 

The price does not include:

  • Personal expenses.
  • Transportation (Extra service)
  • Personal equipment or any gear that is written in the gear requirements appendix (please let us know in advance and we will try to help you get all the necessary gear for the trip).
  • Personal expenses coverage for any damage to the equipment due to carelessness or disobedience to the trip leaders.
  • Anything that was not specified under the section “The price includes” or was not agreed in advance in writing against “Wild-Trails”.
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Trail Description:

We will meet near Rechania village entrance, in upper Galilee and drive shortly thereafter to the entrance of the cave.

Before starting the hike, we will do a complete brief and hand every hiker a personal set of our quality desert caving equipment.

Now it is time for adventure. We will enter the cave through a huge hole, climb down on a slippery slope then we will come to place looking like a dead end but our leaders will show you how to wiggle your way down further in the cave.

When getting close to the deepest point of the cave we’ll find a small underground water spring. Now it is time to climb all the way back up with hopes to hear and observe a colony of bats in their natural habitat.

You will surely enjoy and discover the art of fitting into deep and dark tight places!

You love this trip but cannot join in regular days?

click on the inquire booking button for a more convenient Day!

Duration of activity: approx. 4 hours.

Starting point: Rosh Pina / Zefat.

Difficulty levels: Walking - Easy, Caving – moderate.

Age groups: 14 and above. Participants under 18 must file a permission signed by their parents or a legal guardian.

Necessary experience: There is no need for previous experience.

Trail length: 0.5 kilometers.

What shall I bring: Full shoes and hat / 4.5 liters of water / sunblock / snacks / long clothes / extra clothes

The trip and times subject to changes according to weather conditions, security conditions and decisions made by the trip leader in the field.


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