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Adventure caving in Romania

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Are you Claustrophobic, Acrophobic or simply have NEVER been in a cave! Will fear No more! You are in the safe hands  of WILD-TRAILS. We will challenge all your fears while giving you the adventure of a lifetime”

Our 6 days caving special allows you to experience the very best of Romania’s caving underground world, around “Suncuius” and “Padis” mountain resorts.
During this nature adventure,  you will discover the still quite untouched but truly breathtaking Apuseni Mountains as part of the Western Carpathians of Transylvania.
If you think that pushing your adventure limits is what you want with your family or group of friends, then joining this challenging experience is exactly what you are looking for.

During this  “never a dull moment” trip, you will have the chance to experience some of the most fascinating landscapes and cross the mountain valleys as a true explorer. The region we are gonna visit is considered to be  one of the most important cave-reservations in South-Eastern Europe. We can ensure you that it will leave you completely breathless.

On the other hand, you will have the possibility to explore the mountains via ferrata, climbing, canyoning and trekking.

Since we don’t want you to leave without a true local experience, you will have the chance to spend some time in some of the most fascinating traditional mountain villages and get the feeling of going back in time.

You will have the chance to try the local cuisine and to see how villagers live;  quietly far away from civilization.

This is how this tour looks like in full details!!!

Don’t forget to book:)

The price include:

--> Wild-Trails local guide.
--> Transportation
--> Accommodation according to the program.
--> 3 meals a day during mountain expedition.
--> Active adventures and equipment according to the program.
--> Rappelling.
--> Transport from airport to the accommodation.
--> SIM Card.

Price doesn't include:

--> Flight
--> Souvenirs
--> Alcohol
--> Meals during free time
--> Equipment hire if needed extra.

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Day 1

Arrival to Cluj Napoca. Airport pickup and transfer to the accommodation.
City Tour
Traditional dinner and meeting with the mountain guide .
Small pub crawl in the diversified city of Cluj-Napoca.

Day 2 

08.00-Leaving Towards “Suncuius” mountain resort
Visiting “The Wind Cave” -the longest Cave of Romania
Visiting “The Great Hungarian Cave”
Hiking the “Misid” Peak
17.00-Getting back to our accommodation, late lunch by request.
Dinner by Campfire
Accommodation**Mountain Hut Suncuius

Day 3

09.00-Full Day Via Ferrata in “Vadul Crisului” area  
Visiting “Vadu Crisului” Cave and “Vadu Crisului” Waterfall
16.00-Getting Back to the Hut
Enjoying a relaxing Jacuzzi evening after the hard day.
Accommodation**Mountain Hut Suncuius

Day 4

08.00-Driving to “Padis” mountain resort
Exploring the “Meziad” show cave -one of the most visited caves of Romania
Visiting the “Dimina Facu” Cave
Lunch in “Rosia” and visiting a local picture and art collection.
Accommodation**Mountain Hut Padis
Duration:  Full Day, Ending time:18.00

Day 5

09.00 Heading towards “Oselul” Canyon .
Exploring and rappelling through the “Oselul” Canyon’s High cliffs and waterfalls.
Visiting the “Motului” Church.
Accommodation**Mountain Hut Padis
Duration: Full Day, Ending time:18.00

Day 6

09.00-Start a full day of exploration of the underground world of the Bortig Pit Cave
Exploring the “Citadels of Ponor” cave complex one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Romania
Accommodation**Mountain Hut Rachitele
Duration: Full Day, Ending time:18.00

Day 7

08.00- Hiking the “White Stones” Mountains , Vladeasa Mountains
“Bride” Waterfall
Discover the Mountain Village of “Sancraiu “ and “Rachitele”
Tracking the Turda Gorge
Last evening in Cluj-Napoca

Day 8

Transfer back to the airport.


Explore the always changing city of Cluj-Napoca aka The “Heart” of Transylvania
Caving Experience: The Longest Cave of Romania “The Wind Cave”, “The Great Hungarian” Cave, “Vadu Crisului Cave” , Meziad Cave
“The citadels of Ponor”-one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Romania
“Vadu Crisului” Via Ferrata Route
Canyoning through “Oșelul” Canyon -one of the four canyons of the protected Apuseni Natural Park.
Rappelling through the waterfalls of the “Oșelul” Canyon.
Hiking in the Apuseni Mountains- Vladeasa Mountains, Bihor Mountains, “The White Stone”.
Experiencing the Traditional Village of “Calata” and the typical mountain village of “Rachitele” where nature and tradition co-exist.
Climbing in the Turda Gorge and Visit the “Turda Salt Mine”; one of the most visited sights of Romania.

Important notes:

Please note that the trip occasionally takes place far away from civilization.
The travelers must make traveling insurance including rescue, jeep riding and extreme sports.
Please don't bring equipment which can get destroyed from dust, water and falling.
Remember that during the hiking days, you will carry all the equipment with you so make sure that your bag weight is suitable for you.

What should you bring:
Backpack maximum 60 liters
Sleeping bag comfort to -7.
Hiking shoes.
Headlamp-if you have, if not we can provide it.
Warm clothes.
Rain protection.
Camping plate and mug.
Spoon and knife.
Our adventures are among the best in the world, with professional seasoned local and international guides who adhere strictly to safety measures while using state of art equipment’s, you can be sure that your safety is never compromised.

We limit the number of tourists joining us so that we can give you our maximum attention. Rest assured you’re never lost among the crowd!

Unlike commercial tourism, our adventures are personal, intimate, and locally flavored so your experiences and memories are one of a kind.  

Sign with us today for an adventure that you will never forget. An adventure that takes you in a journey through the breathtaking underground world of romanian caves!


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