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Transylvania Snowmobile tour

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"For some people winter is a good reason to stay at home, but for us it's just the right time to get on the snowmobile and hit the road!

The adventure
Do you like winter? How ‘bout mountains? If so, we’ve got a delightful offer for you! Join us for for a five-day adventure tour to the Carpathians of Transylvania and experience winter like never before. During this trip we are going to discover everything a good Transylvanian winter has to offer, including visiting the wild nature of the mountains as well as traditional villages. If you are a winter adventurer, you are going to be absolutely in love with this trip.

The first two days you’re going to ride snowmobile through the Harghita Mountains, the most stunning part of the Eastern Carpathians. After a long day of fighting sub-zero temperatures, you will relax at a local spa and wellness center.

We will close this epic adventure with a day of ski and snowboarding on the best slopes in the region. Székely Land is one of the few areas in Transylvania where old tradition is still alive, reflected in architecture, attire and gastronomy. It is the confluence of Hungarian, Romanian and Saxon culture.

The price includes:
--> Wild-Trails international adventure lider
--> Transportation
--> Snowmobile guides
--> Snowmobile (2 ppl hich snowmobile).
--> A two-way satellite communication device for an unlikely emergency (will be held by the trip leader).
--> Coffee, tea and snacks through the trip.
--> Accommodation and breakfast.

The price does not include:
--> Personal expenses.
--> Personal equipment or any gear that is written in the gear requirements appendix (please let us know in advance and we will try to help you get all the necessary gear for the trip).
--> Coverage for any damage to the equipment due to carelessness or failure to follow the trip leader's instructions.
--> Anything that was not specified above not agreed in advance in writing with “Wild-Trails.”

Important notes:
--> For the snowmobile ride you need a B category driving licence.

-->For the ski touring you need to have at least an intermediate level of Skiing. 

--> The trip occasionally takes place far away from civilization.

--> The travelers must have travel insurance that includes rescue, jeep riding and extreme sports.
--> Please don't bring equipment which can get destroyed from dust, water or a fall.
--> During hike, you will carry all your equipment, make sure that the bag weight is suitable for you.

Our adventures are among the best in the world, with professional seasoned local and international guides who adhere strictly to safety measures while using state of the art equipment. You can be sure that your safety will never be compromised.We limit the number of guests joining us so that we can give you the maximum attention. Rest assured you’re never lost among the crowd!
Unlike commercial tourism, our adventures are personal, intimate, and locally flavored so your experiences and memories are one of a kind.

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Full Itinerary

Day 1- Meeting the group at Cluj-Napoca
We will meet in Cluj-Napoca and after check in at the hostel we will take you on a sightseeing tour of the heart of Transylvania. During our specialized tour you will get the chance to hear about the stories of one of the oldest Transylvanian cities and to taste the very best of local food and drinks. Accommodation: Cluj-Napoca-***

Day 2 -Departure to Miercurea Ciuc , Harghita Mountains

After arriving, you will enjoy half day of ski touring, that includes discovering the symbolic Harghita-Madaras Mountain's highest peak with a local guide. Crossing the mountin tracks you will discover the beauty the former a vulcanic crater, which  lies along the longest river of the region Vargyas creek. So, It's gonna be pretty impressive, we can guarantee that...The closes with a warm traditional style dinner after the chilly day. 

We end the day again with a well deserved spa and wellness retreat after the long day of adventure. The day ends with a village style dinner followed by spa and wellness treatment for the tired bodies.Accommodation :Miercurea Ciuc/Madaras

Please check the additional information to make sure you are ready for this activity!

Day 3 - Full day snowmobile tour through Harghita Mountains
Amazing full outdoor day  that includes snowmobiling along the mountain forests  with a guide. We end the day again with a well deserved spa and wellness retreat after the long day of adventure. Accommodation : Miercurea Ciuc/Madaras***

Please check the additional information to make sure you are ready for this activity!

Day 4- Skiing and Snowboarding day on the Harghita Madaras slopes
You will get to enjoy winter sports in one of the best mountain resorts the Carpathians can offer.
-Drive back  to Cluj-Napoca.
Accommodation : Cluj-Napoca-***

Day 5- Time to go home :(

Join us!
Any adventurer who isn’t deterred by cold is more than welcome to join. Romania is the only country in Europe where extreme snowmobile rides are allowed on the hiking trails, which sets this trip apart from others.

--> Cluj-Napoca (The Heart of Transylvania)
--> Székely Land ethnographic region
--> Madaras Harghita Mountain Resort
--> Madaras Traditional Village

What should you bring:
--> Winter jacket and equipment
--> Your own skiing or snowboarding gear. If necessary, you can rent it on site.
--> Backpack (maximum 60 liters)
--> Winter hiking shoes
--> Warm winter clothes
--> Sunglasses


  1. Cluj-Napoca