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Caving and Via Ferrata in Apuseni Mountains

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We truly believe that life is a great adventure or with us on the discovery of the longest cave in Romania and enjoy a stunning Via Ferrata experience all in the same day!

Joining this tour will make your adrenaline levels increase in many different ways, involving climbing squeezing and squirming your way through this magical underground world.  
We believe there’s no such a thing as too much adventure so we end our tour with a Via Ferrata climb.

The Adventure

This awesome Cave is situated in the Pădurea Craiului Mountains on the left bank of Crișul Repede River,  in the neighbourhood of the picturesque Șuncuiuș village, that we can explore as well on our way. It is called the "Wind Cave" because of the powerful draft that can be sensed at the entrance, you will feel that too... 

After our delicious lunch, we gonna drive to Vadu Crisului to explore the natural beauty of the Northern Carpathians and enjoy the scenery from the highest peak of the Via Ferrata route.

Then we will hit the road to come back to Cluj but on our way, we stop in Rosia village to witness a “Living Gallery House”. Surprize! Surprize!

The price includes:

→Guidance by Wild-Trails international adventure leader.
→A 2-way satellite communication device for any kind of emergency event that might happen (will be held by the trip leader).
→All technical equipment needed  
→Coffee, tea, cakes on the end of the hike.

The price does not include:

→Personal expenses.
→Transportation (Extra service)
→Personal equipment or any gear that is written in the gear requirements appendix (please let us know in advance and we will try to help you get all the necessary gear for the trip).
→Personal expenses coverage for any damage to the equipment due to carelessness or disobedience to the trip leaders.
→Anything that was not specified under the section “The price includes” or was not agreed in advance in writing against “Wild Trails”.

Are you caving in? Or Via Ferrata Up?
1+1 =2 incredible adventures high above and deep below, in only one day!



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7:30-Meeting Point “Unirii Square” Cluj-Napoca and meet the guide

7.45-Drive to Suncuius

10.30-Arriving to the Cave ,


15.00-Drive to Vadu Crisului, Via Ferrata

17.30-Drive Back to Cluj

Trail Description

We will meet at Piata Unirii for a small briefing and introduction with our guide and after that we drive to Suncuius Mountain village.

On our way we will stop for brunch and taste the very best of Apple “Strudel” there is in a village near the Apuseni Mountains!

Before starting the Caving, we will do a complete introduction and hand everyone a personal set of our quality caving equipment.

Now, we can start our crazy adventure! We will travel through the beautiful passages of the cave and discover this incredible underground world!

We will follow the trail and next to enjoying the different formations of the karst we will hear all those caving inside stories from our experienced guide.

After the caving we will have a very tasty and fresh lunch with a view!

Once our bellies are filled again we head towards “Vadu Crisului” for a spectacular Via Ferrata style climb!

After the climb, we are going to hit the road to come back to Cluj-Napoca!



→You will cave through the “Vantului” Cave’s passages, stones, and crystals-and experience the longest cave of Romania!
→Drive through the beautiful valley of the “Dragan” river in Apuseni mountains
→Taste delicious village “Strudel” and enjoy a delicious meal right in the heart of the mountains
→Enjoy the spectacular view of the valley and the high walls of the “Vadu Crisului” defile from the top of the Via Ferrata route
→ Have a delicious traditional Vegan lunch by the foothills of the mountains

Duration of activity: approx. 7 hours.

Starting point: Unirii Square, Cluj-Napoca

Difficulty levels: Walking - moderate, Climbing-easy/moderate.

The temperature in the Cave: The average temperature in the cave is 11.8˚C

Age groups: 12 and above. Participants under 18 must file a permission signed by their parents or a legal guardian.

Necessary experience: There is no need for previous experience.

Where do you park the car?-Nearby the Wind Cave.


Trail length: 2,7  kilometers

What shall I bring: Full shoes and hat, comfortable and warm clothing/ 3 liters of water/sunblock/snacks/extra clothes

Additional Information:

-the changing of the clothing will happen near the Wind Cave in a covered tent



  1. Cluj-Napoca