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Highest of the Carpathians-4 Days hike in Fagarasi Mountains!

“Life is like a mountain, the climb is hard but when you reach the top the view is amazing”.  Unknown

Looking for a breathtaking experience to reconnect with high mountains? We have the absolute best choice for you!Join us for a 4 day hike and discover the magical world above 2000 m in the Fagarasi Mountains. We will climb two of the three highest mountain peaks Moldoveanu and Vistea Mare and get up close with the experience of hard-core mountainering.

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The Adventure

During this active 4 days, we assure you that, the “Romanian Alps” will leave you speechless, as this range of mountains is one of the most spectacular in the whole world...

We gonna hike the highest Peak, Moldoveanu ,will see stunning waterfalls and lakes and discover the rare flora and fauna above 2000 m.

Another tipping point of the trail is the “Balea Lake” and “Capra Lake” two stunning glacier lakes above 2034 m. Cause, the people give an important favour to the experience we will get you up-close with locals and make you try some delicious cheese and dishes right from remote mountain villages...Sounds good? This is not all..because...

On the way we are going to introduce you to Romania’s most beautiful Salt Mine Salina Turda and visit the medieval citadel of Romania’s first capital city Alba Iulia.


Day 1- Cluj -Napoca - Turda Salt-Mine  - Alba-Iulia-Sambata de Sus.

We will meet you in Cluj-Napoca and drive together across beautiful mountain roads to the foothills of Carpathians, Sambata de Sus .On our way we are going to visit the spectacular “Turda” Salt Mine and tour around the medieval citadel of Alba Iulia. This city served as Romania’s former capital and the place where the “big union” of the principates took part. After arriving to the highlander's village Sambata de Sus, we will warm up with a short ,few Kilometers hike and briefing  before we climbe the hight peak of Romania. 

Accommodation: Sambata's mountain "Cabana".

Day 2-09:00- Hiking to the Vistea Mare Peak(15km)

After breakfast, we will take you to the starting point of the exploration of the southern Carpathians. We start in Vistisoara, and will hike through the center of the Fagarasi mountains, crossing a total distance of 15 km. By the afternoon we will reach to Vistea Mare peak. With its 2527 m this spectacular mountain is the third highest in Romania.Accommodation: We will stay overnight in a hut right besides the peak

Day 3: 09:00-Hiking to the Moldoveanu and Podragu Pick(6 km)

On this day we will enjoy a shorter hike but intense and definitely with the most spectacular view one can imagine. First we will conquer the highest peak , Moldoveanu(2544) ,it is quite a challenging hike but we can promise you it the view your get once up will we worth the effort! Next we will follow the Saua Caprei trail and will travel through the high Fagarasi Mountains and reach the Podragu Peak(2482) and Podragu glacier lake. Another wonder of this part.Prepare your camera because some breathtaking landscapes will show up almost every step along the way!Accommodation: We will stay overnight at Podragu Hut.

Day 4:08:00- Hiking to the Balea Lake and Capra Lake  (15km) and  drive back to Cluj-Napoca.

On the last day we will climb across “Saua Caprei” and take a breathtaking overview on the “Balea Lake” . We will visit the spectacular ice-hotel and Balea Waterfall and taste some traditional homemade cheese made by locals.At the end we will hike to the more remote but spectacular, Capra glacier lake in order to enjoy the incredible beauty and silence of a mountain plateau over 2400 m.We close the day with driving down Transfagaraseanul “the most spectacular road of the world” by Top Gear and drive back to Cluj-Napoca.Accommodation: We will stay overnight in Cluj-Napoca****.

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Additional Information

Duration of activity: 4 days, 3 nights

Starting and ending point: Cluj-Napoca

Difficulty levels: Hiking/Tracking - moderate-it requires a good level of fitness

Maximum daily walking route length: ~15 km

Minimum daily walking route length: 6 km

Highest peak: 2544 m

Daily Walking duration: ~08:00-18:00

Daytime temperatures: ~21°C

Nighttime temperatures: ~8-9°C

Main season: June-September

-in other periods the schedule can involve changes

Age groups: Minimum age is 12.

Participants under 18 must file a permission signed by their parents or a legal guardian.

Necessary experience: No experience needed. But good physichal condition is required. 

Total Trail length: 61 km

The trip and times subject to changes according to weather conditions, security conditions and decisions made by the trip leader in the field.

Główne atrakcje


  • Hike to the highest Peak of the Fagarasi Mountains “Moldoveanu” and explore the incredible scenery of the the highest mountain range of Romania
  • We will visit the “ice-hotel” by Balea Lake and taste some traditional “mountain cheese” made by local farmers 
  • Getting to know villagers living in remote mountain areas 
  • Relax and enjoy the remoteness of the “Capra Lake “ and its surrounding mountain plateau
  • Experience real mountaineering in Fagarasi with sleeping in refuges and huts like a real adventurer:)
  • We will visit the “Turda” Salt Mine one of the wonders of Transylvania
  • Explore the largest medieval citadel of Alba-Iulia the country’s “other capital” where the “big unity” of the principates took place and the country was formed


The price includes

Professional Mountain Guide

Transportation to the starting point from Cluj and back  

Accommodation during the hike

Food throughout the whole trip

Snacks on the way and water

Mountain rescue service

The price does not include:

Flight tickets




Personal travel insurance

Personal expenses

Personal equipment(shoes, clothes, other mountaineering gear)

Personal expenses coverage for any damage due to the disobedience to the trip leaders

Anything that was not specified under the section “The price includes” or was not agreed in advance in writing against “Wild-Trails”.

Things to bring

Things to bring

Backpack maximum 60 liters

Sleeping bag comfort to -7.

Light camping mattress.

Hiking shoes.


Warm clothes.

Rain protection.

Waterproof tent.





Camping plate and mug.

Spoon and knife.


  1. Cluj-Napoca
  2. Salina Turda
  3. Alba Iulia
  4. Sambata De Sus
  5. Vistisoara
  6. Vistea Mare Peak
  7. Moldoveanu Peak
  8. Podragu Hut
  9. Lacul Balea
  10. Lacul Capra
  11. Cluj-Napoca