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Światowe Wyprawy z Wild-Trails


Myślisz, że wiesz, rozumiesz lub widziałeś już wszystko?


Ponieważ chwila, w której tak pomyślisz to początek twojego upadku. Właśnie wtedy skazujesz się na zamknięcie i ograniczenie, przykrywając swoje serce i umysł.


Świat jest rozległy, tajemniczy, dziki i ciągle się zmienia. Jego sekrety są skrzętnie skrywane, lecz szepczą od czasu do czasu wzywając tych, którzy chcą słuchać, tych, którzy nadal są uważni.


Z Wild-Trails nieustannie wsłuchujemy się w porywisty, zimny wiatr dobiegający z Alp, dźwięk rzek płynących w Himalajach lub szept Czarnej Puszczy zachęcające do wyprawy w miejsca, które dotychczas odkryło niewielu.


Tak więc rozpościeramy nasze skrzydła i podążamy z wiatrem pewni, że świat czeka z otwartymi ramionami na wszystkich, którzy mają odwagę, by go odkrywać.

Nasze obecne kierunki obejmują Ukrainę, Nagorno-Karabakh, Rumunię, Serbię, Niemcy, a lista ciągle rośnie.


Zapraszamy cię, abyś stał się częścią naszej globalnej podróży, ponieważ świat ma o wiele więcej do zaoferowania i jest jeszcze dużo do zobaczenia.


Adventure In Georgia - Private Jeep Tour To Tusheti

Impassable mountains, untamed wilderness, ancient traditions and unmatched beauty. It’s time to venture into Tusheti The Adventure: This excursion will take you into the heart of the remote, unique region of Tusheti. The roads to Tusheti are blocked most of the year, and will lead us to the high villages of Europe and the hidden valleys where the tough mountain men reside, usually sitting on the edge of a cliff or top of a mountain, with houses made of rocks and unique guardposts. All the while surrounded by the immense snowy peaks and the untouched wilderness…. This sort of a time travel includes spending some nights at picturesque villages, jeep driving, rafting, snowy vistas, flooding rivers, remote villages and finishing at the capital city, Tbilisi. This great journey will be guided by an experienced guide from ‘’Wild Trails’’. Even if you’ve been to Georgia before, this is your chance to visit a wild, non-touristic destination. Not to mention the awesome companions and the professional guiding, making this expedition all the more enjoyable.

Adventure in the Green Pearl of Ukraine!

One of the most coveted mountains among adventurers is the Carpathian. Forming a 1.500km long range in Central and Eastern Europe, and considered the Green Pearl of Ukraine for its natural beauty. With guide from Wild-Trails, you will climb three of its highest peaks while enjoying an amazing mix of Alpine meadows and woods, rough rivers and mountain lakes. As you hike, you will enjoy the mountains soft weather, curative minerals and feed your mind with a plethora of historical information about its monuments. Our adventure begins with minivan ride to Iwano-Frankivsk and a night diesel-tain to the village of Vorokhta. After dicovering local culture and cusoms we will take an old fasioned soviet truck ride to Polonyna Gadjyna, where our mountain expedition starts. The second day, we will climb to the range of the Chornohora Massive and hike the mounts Rebra and Brebeneskul to the beautiful lake where we spend the night in tents listening to the relaxing sound of water lakes. Then we continue our hike through Mount Gutyn Tomnatyk, Nesamovyte lake and Mount Hoverla. We conclude in an overnight stay at a wooden house of Carpathian Biosphere reserve. We resume our hike on the fourth day through the Kakaradza pass and beautiful peak of mount Petros. We will finish in a small mountain village and spend the night in a local house with home made dinner and breakfast. Next day we will take a ride with an off-road bus to Manyava village where we spend the last day rappelling on Manyavsky waterfall, enjoying lunch in mountain orthodox monastery and finally return to Lviv by a minivan. Our adventures are among the best in the world, with professional seasoned local and international guides who adhere strictly to safety measures while using state of art equipment’s, you can be sure that your safety is never compromised. We limit the number of tourists joining us so that we can give you our maximum attention. Rest assured you’re never lost among the crowd! Unlike commercial tourism, our adventures are personal, intimate, and locally flavored so your experiences and memories are one of a kind.   Sign with us today for an adventure that you will never forget. An adventure that takes you in a journey through Ukraine’s Wilderness where beauty has a new meaning!

Adventure Tour to Nagorno-Karabakh

Next Expeditions: 2-9 May / 10-17 July / 14-21 October This unique adventure with Wild-Trails will take you on the most exciting tour of Nagorno-Karabakh and will show you the hidden beauty of the Lesser Caucasus. In order to help the region we will be visiting, 5% from the cost of the tour will be donated to HALO Trust, the only agency clearing minefields and cluster munition strikes in Nagorno-Karabakh. Do you dare to travel where few go? Sign with us and have a unique, rarely-experienced adventure! What does an adventure with Wild-Trails look like? This adventure is AUTHENTIC and LOCALLY FLAVORED. Forget about being a tourist - roll up your sleeves becase we’re getting our hands dirty.   As we drive soviet 4×4 cars and hike the 3rd highest mountain in Nagorno-Karabakh, we will come in close contact with locals. We will lodge in their wood & stone homes, some of which are more than a 100 years old, and listen to their stories about the Soviet Union & the Karabakh war. We will learn about the Loutraki farm style, tend to animals with the farmers, and cook with the locals. We will taste the best food this region has to offer, straight from the ovens of old women and from the local bazaars and markets. We will traverse thick forests where guerilla combats took place, drive through the rugged roads opened by military tanks, pass military zones and reach villages, old heritage sites, and old churches and monasteries with special permits. We will set up camp, swim, cook, dance and laugh like there is no tomorrow. So are you in? Don't know much about Nagorno-Karabakh? Don't worry, our Q&A section tells it all. Q & A Where is Nagorno-Karabakh? With an eye on Russia and Azerbaijan to the North, deep roots with Armenia to the West, and a strategic alliance with neighboring Iran from the South, Nagorno-Karabakh remains to this day a frozen conflict zone recognized by very few nations. What about the population? This landlocked region is home 140.000 people: mostly Christian with a minority of Kurds. It is defiant and uncompromising with its independence and unique character.   How about the landscape? As its name suggests, which is a mixture of Russian, Turkish and Persian words literally translated to mean “Mountainous Black Garden”, the landscape is wild, pristine, and varied, characterized by evergreen forests, Alpine peaks, flat valleys, and the most amazing canyons and rivers. Recognized by few, the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is one of the least travelled regions in the world, and it is one of the most beautiful and interesting. What is the currency in Nagorno-Karabakh? The Armenian Dram Are there any geopolitical logistics to travelling to Nagorno-Karabakh?  Visitors to Nagorno-Karabakh can obtain a visa once arriving in the capital, Stepanakert. Wild-Trails coordinates all of the logistics. Travellers should be aware that Azerbaijan denies entry to anyone who has travelled to Nagorno-Karabakh.  What is the time zone? Armenia Time Zone UTC+04:00 What will we eat? On this tour of Nagorno-Karabakh you will not lack for delicious, fresh, and unique cuisine. Like Armenian food, the food in Nagorno-Karabakh contains lots of vegetables, herbs, cheese, and meat. There are also specialty dishes that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, like Jengalov Hats.  This dish is made from dough stuffed with a blend of 15 different wild herbs that grow only in mountains with an altitude of more than 2000m. There is also the Ghapama; a pumpkin stuffed with bulgur, fruits, and delicious wild honey. Another amazing dish is made from Aveluk, also known as Moutain Sorrel, a plan that grows in Alpine areas and is eaten with Yoghurt and the local lavash bread. What is the weather like in Nagorno-Karabakh? Because of the different altitudes at which we will travel, it is a mixture of hot and cold weather with possible rain. Make sure to layer up.   Where will we stay? This trip mixes all the best accommodation experiences, with camping in wild locations as well as sleeping in local houses with families. 20% camping 20% hostels 60% local houses Who will guide this adventure? This adventure is led by our expert Survival and Tour Guide in the Caucasus, Gilad Sade. Gilad built this amazing trail after many journeys and in-depth research in the Caucasus region. He successfully established relations with the residents and local officials of Nagorno Karabakh, and secured permits to visit locations that are not open for the public. Gilad speaks Hebrew and English, and knows some Armenian.  He has several certificates in Survival Training and First Aid and has participated in several rescue mission in the Caucasus and in the Middle East. What is the language of the adventure? The language of this adventure is English. Join us now, and discover the unexplored beauty of Nagorno Karabakh!

Kilimanjaro on the Machame Route Adventure

Kilimanjaro on the Machame Route Adventure “A Once in a Life Experience to Stand on Top of Africa’s Roof with Wild-Trails” Are you hopelessly and forever a mountaineer! So are we. Join our Africa's Highest Mountain Trekk and enjoy Kilimanjaro’s amazing views and varying landscapes. How does an adventure with Wild-Trails look like With a lot of determination, we make sure that you safely reach the top. So how much do you think you know? Q & A Where is the mountain located? Kilimanjaro is located in the Northern part of Tanzania, in the Kilimanjaro National Park. What is the mountains elevation? The summit on Mount Kilimanjaro “Uhuru Peak” stands at 5,895 m (19,341 ft) making it the highest mountain in Africa & the highest free standing mountain in the world.      What are the Mountaineering skills required? No technical climbing skills required except for Basic Scrambling Skills. How long is the trek? 7 days 6 nights including a climb high, sleep low acclimatisation day. What is the currency? The Tanzanian Shilling is the local currency, but travellers checks and cash in US$ are recommended. The current exchange rate is approximately Tsh 2100 = US$ 1. It is possible to change foreign currency at any Bureaux de Chance. What is the time zone? East Africa Time Zone UTC+03:00 Is a visa needed for Tanzania? Most travelers need a visa to enter Tanzania issued before arrival or on borders. Check with Tanzania’s embassy website for visa information about your country. How do I get to Tanzania, kilimanjaro? Book a flight to Kilimanjaro International Airport “KIA” with one of these flights; KLM, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines. Is vaccination needed before travel to Tanzania? Yes and you should get the following: Hepatitis A and a booster vaccination for diphtheria, tetanus and polio. Yellow Fever vaccination “keep vaccination card with you always” Take anti malarial drugs Which route are we taking to climb Kilimanjaro? There are eight official Kilimanjaro routes. We are taking the very scenic Machame Route that begins from the south-western side of the mountain. Unlike other routes, we don't descend the same route we took to ascend. We descend via the Mweka route, a steep but very pretty descent encompassing inhospitably dry mountain desert and lush lowland forest in a matter of a few hours. What will we eat? A typical Kilimanjaro breakfast will involve eggs (boiled or fried), porridge, a saveloy (possibly with some tomatoes too), a piece of fruit such as a banana or orange, some bread with jam, honey or peanut butter and a mug or two of tea, hot chocolate or coffee. Lunch and Dinner usually include soup, bread, a cooked stew or sandwiches. Food is carried and prepared by guiding team. Bringing along energy bars, snacks, and biscuits is highly recommended. Who will provide water during the trek? You will be given 2-3 liters of water from your guide on day one. Water will be collected by porters during the rest of the trek. Energy supplements and water purification tablets are recommended to bring along. How is the weather like? The hike covers four climatic zones and therefore layering of clothes is key to staying warm and comfortable as you ascend. A base thermal layer, mid fleece layer and outer jacket is a must. What are the four climatic zones covered during the trek? Rain forest zone (~800 meters – 3,000 meters) Low alpine zone (~3,000 meters – 4,200 meters) High alpine zone (~4,200 meters – 5,000 meters) Glacial zone (~5,000 meters to 5,895 meters) What are the altitude zones covered? A High altitude (2,500 – 3,500 metres) Very high altitude (3,500 – 5,500 metres) Extreme altitude (above 5,500 metres) What is the trekking gear recommended? Trekking Poles are a must. How to deal with Acute Mountain Sickness “AMS”? Remain hydrated, eat, acclimatize, go slowly and take Diamox to prevent the onset of AMS. Where will we stay? We start from a hostel in Moshi , then Shira 2 campsite, Barranco Camp, Barafu Camp, and Mweka Camp Who will guide this adventure? This adventure is guided by a local seasoned guide along with an international guide from Wild-Trails; Gilad Sade. What is the language of the adventure? The local language is Swahili but the language of the adventure is English.

The ultimate Caucasus adventure

1 autonomy, 2 countries, 17 days… It’s time to step up your game, and take on the ultimate adventure. Join us for a one-of-a-kind excursion. Cross the Caucasus 15-31 August 2017 This is the crem-de-la-crem, the best of the best, top of the line. After years of traveling and scouting the wonders of the caucasus, we’ve decided to launch the first cross caucasus journey and combine all the best from this amazing place. For 17 days we will mix culture tours with adventures, from jeep riding through hiking all the way to rafting. Snowy peaks, ancient cultures, amazing food and wild, pure nature. Adventure at its best. Why travel the Caucasus you ask? Well! Amazing views, great hospitality, lots of history, archeology, and just good ol’ wild nature. Oh, and less than 17 days is not nearly enough to experience all that this range has to offer. That’s how the cross Caucasus adventure came to be. We’ve collected the best this range of mountains has to offer and melted it into one crazy, unforgettable package.

Trekking in Wild Georgia - Kazbegi & Chaukhi Mountains

Glacier, volcanoes and lakes in the wild Georgian mountains… Journeying to Georgia’s most beautiful mountains is one of our unique tours, going deep into the remote and least-traveled regions in the higher Caucasus. This exclusive trek was established by the outdoor and survival guide Gilad Sade, after many visits, and living in the regions of the Caucasus. This sort of a time travel includes participation in a traditional sacrificial ceremony uniquely found in the area, and sleeping in the picturesque villages of Khevsureti region, using the local transportation, trekking to an glacier to the foot of a volcano, journeying to the lakes of Abudelauri and Chaukhi mountain range, snowy peaks, roaring rivers, isolated villages and a grande-finale in the capital Tbilisi. A truly unforgettable journey in the kingdom of Georgia.

Trekking w Izraelu - Szlak Morza Martwego

Kiedy: Każdy czwartkowy ranek Zarezerwuj teraz i zyskaj darmową noc w Dead Sea Adventure Hostel. Opis:  Ta trzydniowa wyprawa szlakiem wiodącym do Morza Martwego gwarantuje lekcję innej kultury, jak również pieszą eskapadę z plecakiem na jednej z najbardziej wyjątkowych pustyń świata. Na tej wyprawie poznajemy jeden z najbardziej zróżnicowanych szlaków w Izraelu oraz odkrywamy piękno Pustyni Judzkiej. Szlak rozciąga się przez Pustynię Judzką i prowadzi aż do brzegu Morza Martwego. Przez trzy dni masz szansę minąć historyczne punkty zlokalizowane na pustyni, strumienie, kaniony, klify, naturalne zbiorniki wody oraz niezwykłą faunę i florę pustyni. Pustynia Judzka od dawien dawna jest domem wielu kultur, które zostaną przedstawione uczestnikom w czasie wyprawy. Szlak rozpoczyna się w niewielkim, południowym mieście Arad, domu wielu różnych grup etnicznych. Izraelczycy, ortodoksyjni Żydzi, imigranci z Etiopii, Rosji, Gruzji i Iraku nazywają Arad swoim domem. Część szlaku przechodzi przez terytoria zamieszkałe przez Beduinów. Między stadami owiec a barakami, pośrodku niczego, doświadczymy wyjątkowej gościnności, jaką mogą zaoferować tylko Beduini. Wszystkie sprawy dotyczące noclegów będą zorganizowane przez grupę Wild-Trails, wliczając jedzenie, wodę oraz sprzęt campingowy na czas wyprawy, więc możesz wyruszyć bez zbędnego bagażu i o nic się nie martwić. Cena zawiera: Instruktaż “jeden na jednego” przed wyprawą Organizację Wodę mineralną: 6l na osobę, dziennie Drzewo na paleniska Wypożyczenie map Przechowalnię bagażu Transport sprzętu campingowego (do 50l objętości) Transport powrotny do Dead Sea Adventure Hostel Cena nie zawiera: Zakwaterowania przed i po wyprawie Wypożyczenia dodatkowego sprzętu Opłaty wstępu do Masady Opłaty za camping pod Masadą Wszystkiego, co nie zostało wymienione w sekcji “Cena zawiera” bądź nie zostało ustalone wcześniej z organizatorem

Wyprawa do Jordanii - Petra & Wadi Rum

Dołącz do przygody, która przeniesie Cię w czasie! Nasza wycieczka do Petry i Wadi Rum to trzydniowa wyprawa, której nie możesz przegapić! Ta wycieczka zabiera nas do Petry, wspaniałego miasta założonego w 312 p.n.e., historycznej stolicy królestwa arabskich Nabatejczyków. Petra słynie ze swoich budowli wykutych w czerwonych skałach oraz rozbudowanego systemu wodociągów i cystern do magazynowania wody. To wyjątkowe miasto jest warte uwagi zarówno za dnia, jak i nocą. Wpisane na listę światowego dziedzictwa UNESCO jest symbolem Królestwa Jordanii i świadczy o geniuszu ludzkości. Przeniesiemy się w czasie i przestrzeni, by poznać zamieszkałą od prehistorii Dolinę Księżycową, czyli “Wadi Rum”, którą rozsławił brytyjski oficer Thomas Edward Lawrence. Przyczynił się on do zwycięstwa arabskiej rewolty skierowanej przeciwko Imperium Osmańskiemu i zyskał tym sobie przydomek “Lawrence’a z Arabii”. Usytuowana w południowej Jordanii dolina granitowych skał i piaskowca, oferuje najbardziej niesamowite widoki - Wadi Rum wygląda jak inna planeta. To dlatego tak wiele hollywoodzkich produkcji zrealizowano właśnie tutaj, przykładem może być “Transformers: Zemsta upadłych” czy “Marsjanin” Ridleya Scotta z 2015 roku.   Nie zwlekaj!   Przemierz z nami odkryte na nowo “Bedouin Roads” i podziwiaj Siedem filarów mądrości, czyli formację skalną siedmiu wielkich miast Bliskiego Wschodu opisanych przez Thomasa Edwarda Lawrence’a oraz tysiące malowideł, petroglifów i inskrypcji naskalnych Wadi Rum pozostawionych przez Nabatejczyków.